Another Birthday, Seven More Goals

October 20, 2014 1 comment

Yesterday was my birthday, number 46.  I know, I know.  I don’t look a deal over 45.  What can I say?  I’m blessed with great genes.

I decided to quit New Year’s resolutions some time back.  I also feel like the new year is a bad time to set goals.  Instead, I’ve shifted them birthday to birthday.  I thought it good to share them with my good friends who read this blog.  Please hold me accountable.  Ask me how I’m doing on occasion.

First, let me tell you how I go about setting my main goals.  I use Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life to divide my life up into different categories.  Then I simply set one major goal for each of the seven.  It doesn’t meant that this is all I want to achieve.  These are just the seven most important to me over the next year.  So, without further adieu, my seven goals for the next year.

  1. Faith – I have developed a Bible reading plan for myself.  I want to read the Bible over the next 270 days.
  2. Family – I want to “date” each member of my family each week.  This means doing something special with each one of them each week.  It doesn’t have to be huge, just special.
  3. Wellness – I plan to run the Knoxville Half Marathon on March 29, 2015.
  4. Financial- I have a loan that’s due to be paid off in 2 years.  I would like to pay it off in 1.
  5. Community – Jan and I would love to have a true “couple” friendship.  I want to work on us having one.  I think this is important as our children get older and do more things on their own.
  6. Intellectual - I want to read 52 books by next October 19.
  7. Career - One part of my job has been easy to master.  Another has been difficult.  I want to be a subject expert in the difficult section by next year.

I realize that I have brushed these in broad strokes.  I could have given much more detail, but I just want to throw these out there for support and prayer.  It will truly take a lot of effort to achieve these.

Do you set goals?  How do you set them?  What kind of time frames do you set them for?

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Paul’s Call For Obedience, Hospitality And Prayer

October 19, 2014 Leave a comment

We are nearing the end of Paul’s letter to Philemon.  It’s the beginning of his ending, but there is plenty for us to learn from.

Confident of your obedience, I write to you knowing that you will do even more than I say.  You might recall that previously Paul had mentioned that although he was confident enough in the Lord to order Philemon to take Onesimus back, instead he appealed to him.  So what sort of obedience could Paul be talking about here?  Obviously it is obedience to the Lord.  If Philemon is truly going to follow Christ, then he would welcome Onesimus back with open arms as more than a slave, but a brother in Christ.

At the same time, prepare a guest room for me.  Paul is telling Philemon he’s coming.  He has never been to Colosae itself, so he wants to visit as soon as he is released from his prison.   He wants to reunite with his brother, Philemon.  He wants to reunite with Onesimus.  He wants to see the result of his letter first hand.

For  I am hoping that through your prayer I will be graciously given to you.  How is Paul going to be released from prison?  The Lord is going to do it, of course.  The means, though, that the Lord has to do it includes prayer.  Paul is asking for Philemon and the entire Colossian church to pray for his release.


1.  Obeying the Lord means doing the right thing in situations, even when it flies in the face of societal norms.

2.  We should all be prepared to practice hospitality when needed.

3.  Prayer is the most powerful instrument the Lord has given us.

Why You Need A Plan

October 17, 2014 4 comments

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am a huge Comic Book Movie buff.  I trace this all the way back to 1973, when my first Justice League of America comic book was purchased for me.

Two days ago DC Entertainment dropped a bombshell by unexpectedly releasing its movie lineup through 2020.  Many of us knew that something was imminent, but I’m not sure we expected what we got.  Batman v Superman was already scheduled for March 2016.  I think those of us who love these movies were surprised at the lineup.

What is interesting is that most of the movies flow out of the results of 2013’s Man of Steel.  While many were convinced that Warner Brothers/DC didn’t know what they were doing, in fact they were building a structure without anyone really knowing it.

Now, we who love comic book movies know that DC has a plan.  It’s laid out there for us to watch and wait for.


This past year has been tough at work.  Regulatory changes affected us in a strange, positive way.  The business for my department has increased approximately 25% since January.  It’s truly been a blessing.

In the meantime, one person from my team was promoted.  Another had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom.  Yet another was pulled from my team to help to help with testing some of our new systems.  Add that to the fact that we hired new people and it has put a strain on our entire team.

We began to feel a little pressure from our customers, so I had to communicate that I  had a plan.  I wrote them an email telling them all of the above, owning it.  Then I described how I’ve hired one person who is fast tracking through training and on their way to becoming a superstar.  Another new person is coming in who should not have a steep learning curve.

All of this was met with positive responses from our customer base.  Why?  Because I had a plan.


I’ve heard it said that many people spend more time planning their vacations than they do the rest of their lives.  Consider that for a moment.  People spend more time plotting out their moves for a week or two a year than they do for the other 97% of their lives.

We need to spend some time planning our lives.  My birthday is Sunday.  Suddenly I’ll be 46 years old.  Like sands through the hourglass….well, I’m no MacDonald Carey.  I know that I have spent too little precious time planning my time.

All of us should spend some time planning our days, weeks, months and years.  It would be a sad day to wake up one day wondering where it all went.

Do you spend time planning your life?

One More Day

October 16, 2014 3 comments

Thanks for all of your prayers this week. I’ve been able to go to work, but I’m wiped out by the time I get home.

Hopefully, I will be back in the saddle tomorrow.

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Sick Day Part 2

October 15, 2014 2 comments

I’m feeling better, but just don’t have the energy to write a full-fledged post. Hopefully tomorrow.

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Sick Day

October 14, 2014 2 comments

I returned to work yesterday from Staycation only to be sick when I got home. I’m taking a sick day from the blog. Read more…

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What I Learned From Walking 200,000 Steps

October 13, 2014 2 comments

Last week I was on Staycation.  In fact, I dubbed it 2014 Fall Stayaction.  It was a good week where I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and relax.  However, I had one goal for the week.

I am normally able to achieve 150,000 to 160,000 steps each week through running and walking.  I planned to hit 175,000 steps until a friend at work challenged me.  He said I should go for 200.000.  Being the driven, competitive person I am, I took the challenge.

This meant that I had to accumulate just over 28,000 steps each day.  Each day I was able to do this, with a few days having more.

I finished on Saturday, actually hitting 205,000 steps.  There were a few things I learned during my week off work.  Here are a few of them.

I couldn’t hit my goal by getting 200,000 steps at once.  I had to break it down.  Daily the total was 28,571.  I still couldn’t do that much at once.  I got up and did a chunk before Andrew woke up.  I did another bunch while he was at football practice.

Hitting goals can be taxing.  I felt pretty good through Wednesday.  I started getting a little tired Thursday.  By Saturday, I was exhausted.  And sore.

Another thing I learned is that achieving goals should be celebrated.  I took Sunday off.  Well, I still got some steps in, but since I had basically gotten two extra days worth of steps in, I only did some minimal walking to stretch my legs.  I needed a day off.

It also takes a few other things to hit a goal.  Focus.  Persistence.  Single-mindedness.  Bull doggedness.  I was pretty stubborn about getting my steps in.  Toward the end, I wanted to quit and give up.  After all, whatever steps I got would be great.  But it wouldn’t be my goal.

Those are just a few things I learned while gaining 200,000 steps.  I don’t think I could write everything I learned through listening to podcasts and just plain thinking.

What have you learned from chasing a goal?

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