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140 Words (or less) On Hiatus

August 25, 2011 2 comments

It’s Twitterific Thursday.  I write about something in 140 words or less.

I’m going to take a hiatus.  It won’t be long.  Today’s post will be the last one you see for a few days.  To my loyal readers, though, I promise I will be back.  In fact, I will be back next Thursday, September 1.

Don’t worry that I’ve run out of ideas.  In anything, I have more.  I actually have a backlog.  I have about twenty-five posts that I need to write.  I’m going to catch up on these during my break, so don’t worry.  I will still be writing.  I thought about doing some re-runs from some of my former blogs, but I’m just going “radio silent” for the next week.  I’m going to recharge and regroup.  I’m going to come back fresh and better than ever.  Well, at least that’s the plan.  Five, four, three, two, one.  I’m out.

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I’m A Pepper

I don’t know what generation you belong to, but my generation will remember the Dr Pepper commercials of the 1970’s.  A young man would walk and dance his way through crowds of people singing “I’m a Pepper, You’re a Pepper, Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?”  Of course, as a kid, I wanted to be a Pepper.  There was just one problem.

I didn’t like Dr Pepper.  I couldn’t stand it.  I still don’t.  I understand that it is one of the oldest soft drinks and even precedes Coca Cola.  I just never have liked it, or it’s imitator Mr. Pibb.  I can’t really even tell you what it tastes like.  I doubt anyone else can either.  It just tastes like Dr Pepper.

I don’t really want to talk about Dr Pepper, though.  What I want to talk about are deacons.  You probably know what deacons are.  However, if I asked everyone that reads this to define them, I would probably get a unique answer from everyone.  Some might say that they are the leaders of the church.  Some might say servants.  Some might refer to them as the “board” of the church.  Some might say that they are the pastor’s helpers.  Still yet, someone might say they are the guys that yell, “Amen!!!” to the pastors especially good points.

The word deacon means servant.  That should give us a hint as to what a deacon should be and do.  A deacon should serve.  Even when the first deacons are chosen it was so that the apostles do the ministry of the word and prayer and not have to worry about waiting tables.  They served.  I won’t get into the controversy over whether women can be deacons.  That can be dealt with in some other post.

The bottom line is that all believers and followers of Christ should be deacons.  We should all be servants.  The way we each serve may be different, but we should all use the talents we were born with and the spiritual gifts we received with the new birth to serve the Lord and each other.

I’m a deacon. You’re a deacon.  Wouldn’t you like to be a deacon, too?

A New Pair of Glasses

August 22, 2011 3 comments

I need a new pair of glasses.  I haven’t had a new pair of glasses in, well, it’s been so long that I don’t remember.  Don’t worry.  I can see.
I wear contacts.  It’s just that I’ve not broken down and bought a new pair of glasses.  And do you know why?

I’m afraid it might make me an Universalist.

I know what you’re thinking.   How could buying a new pair of glasses make me an Universalist.  Let me explain.

The only glasses I see people getting today are those really cool, hip glasses.  I’m afraid that if I get some of those, I will end up looking like Rob Bell.  You know what I mean, really cool and hip.

If that happens then I might start reading weird books like Velvet Elvis and SexGod.  I might start watching Nooma videos.

Know what else?  I might read Love Wins.  I might begin to doubt the existence of Hell.

I may believe that everyone will end up in Heaven no matter what.

I may end up being an Universalist.


All because I needed a new pair of glasses.

Nope.  Not gonna’ do it.  No new glasses for me.

How about you?  Do you believe that your faith could be that easily shaken?

Church In Your House

August 21, 2011 2 comments

If you read my blog regularly you know that much of the time I think and write about church.  I guess you could say the church is a passion of mine.  I came across something that smacked me upside the head as I read it the other day.

The Apostle Paul wrote the epistle we call Philemon to more than one person.  He wrote it to Philemon, who he described as “our beloved brother and fellow worker.”  Another recipient was “Apphia our sister.”  The last individual he mentions was “Archippus our fellow soldier.”  The final addressees he mentions was the “church in your house.”

There it is, what delivered the blow to my mind when I read it.  The “church in your house.”  Of course, back then there were not huge church buildings built in each city for the church or churches to meet in.  In fact, there were not small church building built in each city.  The church met in houses.  Obviously, this church met in Philemon’s house.  A group of believers met in a home provided by Philemon.  Apphia may have been his wife and Archippus may have been another leader in this particular group. Regardless, the church met in his house as it met in other’s houses in other cities and locations.

Today, this happens, but it isn’t the standard, is it?  Most churches build buildings.  A few will buy a building.  Most will have Sunday school, or if they are more modern, Bible Study Groups.   One local church in my area just bought a bowling alley and meet there.  Another meets in a former furniture store.   Some of these churches then meet in homes for bible study and cell groups or life groups or whatever you want to call them.  In other words, the church meets in houses.

As I’ve thought about this, I believe this should be the standard.  The church should be meeting in homes and houses.  It should be meeting in ways that everyone in the church should be involved in each other’s lives.  I don’t mean churches have to do away with their Sunday schools or bible study groups that meet on Sunday mornings.  However, what differences and changes will happen when the church meets in someone’s house or houses?

I want to be honest.  I’ve failed at this most of my life.  I’ve been content to go to church on Sunday and Wednesday most of my adult church life.  As I’ve grown and as I continue to pursue Christ, this pattern has caused me to grow more and more frustrated. Why?  Because I don’t believe that I’m being the church that Christ wants me to be.  Yes, I said that right.  The church Christ wants me to be.  I am the church.  If you follow Christ, so are you.

If I was searching for a new church today, I would compose a list of questions to ask the pastor and people of that church.  One of them would be, “Does the church meet in homes and houses regularly and intentionally?”  How that questions was answered might affect whether I would consider joining that particular fellowship.

I heard someone mention today how people asked him about his church.  He began describing the church where he is a member.  They said that they weren’t interested in that church.  No, they were interested in a church that cared about their community like he did.  This person was not interested in going to an established church.  What I heard was that perhaps they were interested in a church in someone’s house.  Maybe his.  Maybe mine.  Who knows?

God knows.

How about you?  Is there a church in your house.

14 Days And Counting

It’s 14 days.  Two weeks until the start of UT’s football season.  I’m biting at the bit like many UT fans.  Recruiting has picked up.  News from practice is out everyday.

Two weeks from today, I will be mowing my yard listening to Brown Squirrel Gameday All Day.

Jan will fix some Buffalo chicken dip.

Then I’ll watch the game on pay-per-view.

It’s coming.

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Four Things That Got Me Through This Week

There are four things that got me through this past week.

One is Jan.  If anything, she and I have drawn closer together this week.  We’ve had too.  We felt like all we had are each other.

The second is a note my son, Andrew, left for me on my desk last April.  It reads:

Your son love you….You’re the best daddy.

Andrew Carter 4/18/11 5:25 pm

The third is a rock.  It is a rock that I have had on my desk since 1998.  My daughter, Lauren, painted and gave it too me when she was four.

The fourth is the Rock himself.  He has listened patiently to me this week.  He answered a major prayer that was connected with the events of the week.  (I may even blog about that one later).

Things are better because of these four things.

140 Words (or less) About The Blazing Sun

It’s Twitterific Thursday and the Deuceology blog is back to regular scheduled programming.  On Thursdays, I write 140 words or less about a subject.

Every morning just over the mountains to my east, I see the sun come up.  It happens sometime just after 7 am this time of year.  Even though I know better, I act as though the sun revolves around the earth.  I live life as though earth is the center of the solar system.

Do I live any differently in my life with Christ?  Do I proclaim Him Lord and live as though He revolves around me?  Do I live as though He comes into my life at a certain point everyday and leaves at another?  Do I live as though I am the center of the universe and Christ makes my life comfortable?

Or is Christ the Blazing Sun of my universe?

How about you?