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The Yearly Roundup

December 31, 2011 2 comments

Since today is December 31, today Deuceology will present a yearly roundup, rather than a weekly one.  I ran the bottom 10 earlier in the week.  Today, here is the top 10 posts of the year.  Hopefully you will remember some of them.  Maybe a couple of them are new to you.

10.  The tenth most viewed post of the year is Church Visit #4 from just a few weeks ago.  My church visits, as a series, proved to be very popular.

9.  Number nine was Random Thoughts On My 43rd Birthday.  This surprises me because I began getting a lot more visits to my blog the month following this.

8.  The 8th most viewed blog post in 2011 for the Deuceology blog was Church Visit #1.  We are still searching and there are more to come.  There will also be a follow-up series about the first year in our new church when we find it.

7.  Lucky number seven was my non-guest post for Tamara Out Loud, For Crying @TamaraOutLoud.  I submitted a guest-post to Tamara and was not accepted.  This was my response.  It caused Tamara to worry needlessly.

6.  Number six in 2011 was Live In Your Church Today…Casey Anthony.  This may have been my most controversial post on the top 10 list.

5.  Moving into the top 5, Church Search Results.  Folks were really getting into this church search.

4.  The only post not written by me in the top 10 was Jon Stolpe’s I’m Dreaming Of A Stretched Christmas.  Jon is a great friend of the blog.

3.  The oldest post on the list is  Relentless Pursuit Of Continuous Improvement.  It is from all the way back in June.  I had no idea what I was doing.  Some say that I still don’t.

2.  Number two, just missing out on number one, was My 10 Favorite Rock/Pop Christmas Songs.  This is actually probably my least favorite on the list.

What made this next post Number 1???  Controversy?  Subject matter?  Biblical story?  Let’s just say, just like they do in advertising, that sex sells.  Number 1 out of the 237 posts that I’ve written this year is……………………….

Sister Wives, Mandrakes, And Sex And Sex And Sex And Sex

There you have it.  The top 10 posts of the year.  Here’s hoping that 2012 is a fantastic year.

Which post do you think should have been number 1?

Random Thoughts At The End Of December

December 30, 2011 4 comments

Holiness > Morality.  Morality aims at outward behavior.  Holiness aims at God.

Why does The Band Perry call themselves that instead of The Perry Band?  That would be like calling Tellico Lake, Lake Tellico.  Tellico Lake is a local lake.

The most important institution on Earth is Christ’s Church.  Unfortunately, you can’t tell that based on the lives of those of us which claim to be a part of it.

John Piper says the United States of America compares the Christ’s church as a speck of dust does to the sun.  How many church members in America believe that?

The Pharisees were lovers of money in Luke 16:14.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  What does that say about Pharisees? Or lovers of money?

What will I blog about on Mondays after the church search is over?  How about the first year in a new church?

Having a bluetooth does not mean that you have to use it while standing at the urinal.

There is a local business called The Bed Store.  Their commercials are kind of creepy.  The owner winks at the camera and says they will even tuck you in.  No thanks.

If someone says they’re not a happy camper, encourage them to find another campground.  I’ve needed to do that a few times myself.

Would you like to have a great death?  Then live a great life!!!

How would Planned Parenthood have counseled Mary?

Did you have any random thoughts in December?

Twitterific Thursday Two-Fer Edition: The Bottom 10

December 29, 2011 3 comments

It’s Twitterfic Thursday, where I write something in 14o words, more or less.  This is a special year-end Two-fer edition.  T hat’s right.  You get a double dose of Twitterific Thursday today.  However, this one gets nowhere near 140 words.

I don’t know about you, but I have seen a ton of top ten lists for the year.  From songs to movies to TV shows, I think I have seen my fair share.  Several of my blogging brothers and sisters have run their Top 10 lists or repeated their top posts.  I want to go the other way.  Here are my least viewed posts.  They need more love and I learned more from them than I did those that did well.

10.  Working On A Building.  After reading this one, I understand why it comes in at the 10th least viewed of the year.

9.  Back To The Basics.  This was an ill-fated attempt at a series from when I was teaching Sunday school.  Booooorrrriinnng.  Who wants a rerun of my Sunday school lessons?  Certainly not me.  That’s why this didn’t last.

8.  Failure Isn’t Final.  I actually like this one.  This was in the early days of Deuceology.  Please read this one and give it some action.

7.  No Beast Of Burden.  Another that I like.  From July, before anyone was really reading.

6.  Free Live Music.  This one was from the first month of the blog.  It was also my first with a picture.  I got the idea while I was running.

5.  Anchors For Dreams.  I think this one was kind of stupid.

4.  140 Words (or less) About Focus.  One of the early Twitterific Thursday posts, before I added the More to the Less.

3.  What Are You Passionate About?  I was trying to find out what my voice is and what I’m passionate about.  I also thought that I was the next Jon Acuff.

2.  Running Like Children.  Again, one of my earlier posts.  I had no idea what I was wanting to write about at this point.

And the least viewed post in 2011 here at the Deuceology blog……

1.  Godliness Next To Patriotism.  What in the world was I trying to say here?

Pick one or pick all ten.  Read them.  Hopefully I have improved over the past seven months.  Hopefully, 2012 will be even better.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and for your patience.

140 Words (More or Less) About My 2012 Goals

December 29, 2011 4 comments

It’s Twitterific Thursday, where I write something in 140 words, more or less.  Today I share some of my 2012 goals.

Today I want to share my six 2012 goals with the multitudes of Deucology readers.  Some of you may ask, “Why six?”  My smart-aleck answer is because there aren’t seven.  Seriously, though, I can’t really answer that question.  These are six key things I want to achieve this year.  They aren’t my only goals, but they are the ones I want to share with you.  So, if you’ve made it this far, here are my 2012 goals.

  • Run my first marathon at the Kiawah Marathon on December 8.
  • Attend Bryan Allain’s  Killer Tribes conference on March 31.
  • Have an idea for a book that I have outlined by July 1.
  • Read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series by December 31.
  • Lose 30 pounds by December 31.
  • Read the Bible beginning March 1 by October 31.

What are your goals for 2012?

5 Questions I’m Asking In 2012

December 28, 2011 4 comments

I ask a lot of questions.  It doesn’t really matter what situation I face, I’m probably going to what a question or a dozen.  Here are five questions that I’m going to ask as I write these posts in 2012.

So What?

Isn’t that the ultimate question when you read or hear something?  So what?  Will it matter to me?  Will it matter to those who take time out of their day to spend a few minutes checking out what I have to say?

Who Cares?

Do I care about it?  Will anyone else?  Is this a subject worth caring about?  Whether it’s ultra-serious or some humorous take that I have about something, really, who cares?

What Difference Does It Make?

Does it make a difference in my life?  Sometimes I write something and I wonder: Is this making a difference in my life?  Will it make a difference in anyone else’s?

Will It Build Others Up?

I’ve not always cared about this one.  Will what I write edify my readers?  Will it build them up?  Am I being a positive influence in their life?

Will It Glorify God?

Here is the ultimate question as I hit the publish button everyday.  Am what I am doing glorifying God?  Am I doing it for His namesake?  Is it all about me?  Am I trying to glorify myself or Him?

These aren’t the only questions that I am asking  in 2012, but I think they are the most important.

What other questions would you add to the list? 

What I Learned From Blogging In 2011

December 27, 2011 9 comments

2011 is when I became a blogger.  I have been blogging since 2008, but it wasn’t until May, 2011, when I began the Deuceology blog that I actually became a blogger.  I’m still in the learning stage (I actually hope that I don’t ever get completely out of this), but I don’t know if I will ever learn as much from my own blogging as I did from May until now.

I learned about persistence.  From having hardly anyone read my blog to having grown to where a few read, I learned that you just don’t wake up and have a hit blog.

I learned about being positive.  Some of those early blog posts were negative.  I was going through a negative experience in my life and I let everyone know about it on my blog.  Bad move.  Bad move for my blog.  Bad move for me personally.

I learned that you don’t find your voice immediately.  It takes some time.   I think I’m getting closer.

I learned that you can’t blog alone.  You need to network.  You need a tribe.  You need to make friends.  You need people like Rob, Bill, Chad, Arny, Matt, Jon, Rhonda and many others in there helping you.

I’m sure that I learned more this year and I’ll learn even more going forward.  Thanks for going on the journey with me.

If you’re a blogger, what did you learn in 2011?  If you read blogs, what did  you learn?

What To Expect In 2012

December 26, 2011 2 comments

This week I am not blogging about anything too serious.  Today, I just want to tell you what to expect as you read here on Deuceology in 2012.

Some of the most popular posts that I have had this year are my church search posts.  I will continue these until we have settled on a church.  Once we do settle on one, I want to begin a new series tentatively called First Year In Church.

I have another idea for a series called The God Who Intrudes.  I would like to turn that one into a book, so if you hang in there with me on it, you will hopefully be getting a preview.

Twitterific Thursday is not going anywhere.  It will continue to be my Thursday post (like it could be another day. Twitterific Tuesday doesn’t have the same ring to it)

Saturdays will have the weekly roundup.

I am starting to make plans to attend the Killer Tribes conference in March.  Hopefully I can pick up some ideas that will make this whole Deuceology thing better.

I continue to find my “voice” so expect some things that even I can’t anticipate at this point

Thank you for reading and I hope to interact with all of you even more in the coming year.