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The Weekly Roundup: Tammy Helfrich

June 23, 2012 1 comment

This week I want to introduce a new friend of Deuceology, Tammy Helfrich.  You can catch her blog here.

I recently got to know Tammy through the National Quitter Group page on Facebook.  I had heard of her before, but have been able to get a taste of her blog more recently.

Tammy blogs about life, marriage, encouragement and motivation.  I look forward to reading her blog more in the coming days.

Check Tammy and her blog out.

Are there any blogs you need to share with the rest of us?

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Who Would You Go To A Wedding With?

June 22, 2012 3 comments

Several months ago, my friend David asked me to write this post.  It was because he was thinking about Jesus going to the wedding in Cana.  I filed it away and forgot about it until he preached about this event a couple of weeks ago.

I’m probably like the average guy.  I don’t particularly like going to weddings.  As I think about it, it isn’t the actual wedding that I dread.  It’s the getting ready to go and the anticipation.  When I’m actually there, I don’t really mind them.  It was even fortunate for the entire wedding party that I went to the last one I went to.  The bride’s train caught a candelabra and pulled it over.  I was in the right place at the right time.  I caught it and stood it back up.  I saved the wedding from burning the church down.

There has been some local discussion lately about fall wedding during football season.  I even joined in the discussion on one of our local sports talk stations.

I suggest that if you have a fall wedding that you do one of two things.  Have the wedding on a Friday night(like my wife and I did)  or make sure that you plan the wedding around the home football team’s game and have TV’s at the reception showing the game.  That is, if you want a good turnout.

The real question, though, at the heart of this post is what is a wedding anyway?  I mean, Christ performed His first miracle at a wedding.  His return to get His Church is described as a wedding.  The Church is described as the Bride of Christ.  So, weddings seem to be pretty special to Him.  The wedding is really a picture of what Christ will do in the future (so is the marriage, but that’s a different post.)  A wedding should a way to declare the good news of Christ as a man and woman join together in their new life.

So, who would you go to a wedding with?

Sure, you would go with a bunch of relatives.  All of your cousins and in-laws and outlaws.

Sure, you would go with your spouse.  It’s a great time to reflect on your own wedding and marriage.

What makes a wedding really special, though, is when you are there with brothers and sisters in Christ who can reflect with you on how your marriages can glorify Christ.

Do you like weddings?  Who would you go to a wedding with?

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The 3 Stages Of My Blogging Life

In November, I will reach the four-year anniversary of being a blogger.  I was reflecting on this recently.  I realized that I could divide my blogging life into three neat sections.

I began blogging at the encouragement of my friend Matt Cannon.  I was complaining one day at work about all of the ideas I had and things I wanted to say.  Matt said that I should start blogging them.

My first blog was just about ideas that I would think about throughout the week.  I would focus on a couple all week.  On Saturday mornings I would sit down and crank out a couple of blog posts.  I would try to write no less than 1000 words for each of them.  I would post them and walk away.  If a person or two read them, that was great.  I simply blogged.

This stage lasted through my first two blogs and into this one that you are currently reading.

Sometime over this past year, I became what I call a blogger.  On top of posting my own posts, I began participating in other people’s blogs.  I have become a part of some really great communities and met some great people.  I love the communities I have become a part of.

Recently, with the encouragement of Jeff Goins, I have entered another stage of blogging.  I have declared myself a writer.  I decided to stop waiting to call myself that.  I write daily.  I ship daily.  I am writing an eBook.

I am a writer.

Three stages.  I wonder what is next?

Have you gone through stages in your blogging life?  What stage would you say you are in now?

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A Minimal Mini-Festo

Deuceology is my third blog.  The first two are distant memories.

When I first began blogging, I thought that I had to write everything I could think of on every subject I wrote about.  800 word tomes were short pieces.

You don’t have time to read 800 words from a blog.  I don’t have time to write them. We both have other dreams to pursue.

The posts I write now have progressively become shorter and shorter.  This is not because I have less to say.  No, it is really because I have more.

I want you to read it.

I don’t want to take too much of your time. Just enough of it.

More or less, less is more.

I have become minimal in the hope to maximize what I have to say.

How about you?  Do you think less is more?

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Do You Need Any Help?

Growing up, I received quite an education in classic country songs from my dad.  One singer he was fond of was Bill Carlyle, also known as Hot Shot Elmer.

One of Carlyle’s song was called Do You Need Any Help?  The chorus went something like this.

Do you need any help? (No help wanted)

Do you need any help? (No help wanted)

Do you need any help? Do you need any help?

I can handle this job all by myself.

This song is a testament to great American individualism and independence.  It is, however, terrible Biblical theology.

Unfortunately, I see too many of us pursuing this American philosophy rather than what the Bible points us toward.

No where in the Bible have I seen us encouraged to not seek help.  In fact, we are told that ultimately we cannot help ourselves and must seek God’s help in all things.

I see people who cannot help themselves and I see that we, the Church, should allow God to help each other through us.

I see people who do, indeed, need some help.

Do you live life not “needing any help”?  Or do you seek others help in your life?

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June 18, 2012 4 comments

Please pray for Scott as he struggles with his health.

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First Church Year #22: Father’s Day

June 18, 2012 7 comments

If I had to guess, I would say that Mother’s Day beats out Father’s Day in the sentimentality category in most churches each year.  So it was with a bit of a curiosity that I went to church Sunday.  I wondered how Father’s Day would play out.

Our Worship Leader was back from vacation in Jackson Hole, WY and Yellowstone Park.  I believe this trip gave him a greater sense of God’s creation and how big God is.  He seemed recharged after a week away from ministry responsibilities.  I wonder if the rest of us don’t forget that our church staff need to get away and recharge.

We had an older gentleman share a testimony of his ministry experience.  He is 81 years old and told of going back to West Virginia a few years ago to help a church that was on the verge of closing its doors.  It was fantastic to hear of a man who seemed to be a modern-day Caleb, still seeking giants in the ministry late in life.

Several men gathered together to pray during the service.  I could tell they were focused together on a single issue.  There seemed to be a brokenness among these men as they huddled together and prayed.

Our interim pastor challenged all men to be the kind of men who pursued God in their lives.

The bottom line of what happened in our church yesterday was that men are necessary.  That doesn’t mean that women aren’t, but it seems easier to have women jump into church than men. 

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than for men to take their relationship with Christ and His church more seriously?

How did your church deal with Father’s Day?

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