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Bomb Threats And Fear

Recently there was a bomb threat in the town where I work.  Word spread quickly through the community.  People were scared and frightened to go near where this occurred.  Some thought that a bomb would explode in our area. 

Me?  I never thought anything would happen. 

Someone asked me about that.  I told them that whoever made the thread simply wanted to frighten everyone.  They were basically a terrorist.  Terrorists love causing others to live in fear.

I thought about that for a while and realized that is what Satan does.

Satan bomb threats us.

Satan wants us to live in fear. He wants us to be afraid. He talked Adam and Eve into fearing what would happen if they followed God’s commands more than if they disobeyed. 

He tried it with Jesus. He tried to cause Jesus to fear starving to death. He tried to cause Jesus to fear the security and safety He had in the Father. He tried to cause Jesus to fear that he would not rule a kingdom. 

He tries that with us. We fear that we will miss out on pleasure when God promises ultimate pleasure in Him.

He tries to cause us to be anxious, when God tells us to trust Him.

He tries to get us to have pride when we have nothing to boast in other than the cross. 

We can go on and on.

Satan is a terrorist. He wants us to fear missing the life with him. Instead, the Lord wants us to live life with Him.

We have nothing to fear in Satan.  In Christ we do not have a spirit of fear.

Do you ever feel like Satan is trying to cause you to be afraid?

  1. August 24, 2012 at 11:42 am

    You nailed it, Larry. Satan wants me to be afraid since my open heart surgery. My problem was a fluke thing and I needed a valve replacement. The onset was fast, I found out at the last minute and had the surgery. Satan wants me to remember how I didn’t even know there was a problem until it was nearly to late. Then he plants thoughts of what if something happens again and you don’t find it in time.

    You are dead on with the “nothing to fear in Christ” comment. It is tricky to put in practice sometimes but I do. I wrote a fear post last year I think called The Day Fear Came. Good post, bro.

  2. jonstolpe
    August 26, 2012 at 8:04 am

    Yes, Larry I sometimes feel this way. Generally, I can keep my fears in check, but there have been significant times in my life where fear has come in and crippled me. Certain fears are probably okay, but not the fears that keep me from living life to its fullest.

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