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Three Questions For Peter

After Jesus and the disciples finish breakfast, Jesus begins to ask Peter a series of questions.  There are three of them and they reveal a great deal about Peter.

First, Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him more than these.  The question we have to ask ourselves is what are THESE?  I think that Jesus is referring to the other disciples.  He is asking Peter if he loves Him more than these others.

Notice Peter’s answer.  He says that he loves Jesus.  He won’t say that he loves Jesus more than these other disciples.  It seems that this is out of character for Peter.  Normally, he is the impulsive one, as evidenced by his jumping out of the boat and getting to shore before the others.  However, he seems to know that his love for Jesus is not really as much as the other disciples.

Jesus responds that Peter should tend His lambs.

Jesus asks Peter again if he loves Him.  Peter says again that he loves Jesus.  Jesus tells Peter to shepherd his sheep.

Jesus again asks Peter if he loves Him.  This grieved Peter.  I think Peter remembers his denial and is grieved by what he did in denying Jesus.  He knows that his love is not what Jesus expects out of him.  Peter responds one last time that he dos love Jesus.

Jesus says again to tend His sheep.

What is Jesus getting at with Peter?  If we understood what Jesus was really saying it would be more like this.

Feed my sheep.

Shepherd my sheep.

Tend my sheep.

Feed.  Shepherd.  Tend.

Jesus is trying to paint a picture for Peter of what He expects out of Peter as He leaves this realm and goes home.  He expects Peter to be a shepherd to those who are in the church.

He is to feed them.  He is to protect them.  He is to comfort them.

There is no one area for Peter to focus on.  He is to focus on the total health of those he is called to serve.  He is to feed Christ’s sheep with what they need to grow.  He is to protect them from all sorts of things that can harm them.  He is to comfort them in times of trouble.

What are  we to do?  We are to look for our shepherds for the same.  There are many directions that we can turn for these things.  The Lord has placed shepherds in our lives to do the same for us.

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  1. September 16, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    One of the best stories and a reminder of the value of breakfast 🙂 and feeding sheep 🙂 thanks Larry great stuff man!

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