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Resignation, Part 3

This is a work of fiction.  You can read  Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

June looked at the clock.  She would have to leave for church in a just a few minutes.  Normally she would be excited about meeting with her church family.  Today was different.  Her pastor and friend would soon be leaving.

June had been through it over the past few years.  Cancer  had struck about a year into Donald’s ministry in the church.  Since June had no family, Donald and Laura had been there through it all.  Laura had gone with her to the doctor appointments.  Both Donald and Laura had sat there during the surgery and helped her home.  Then they had gone with her to the treatments.  Through it all, they had become more than friends.  They had become like family.

June had been there over the last year for Laura.  She had listened when Paul had written his blog posts.  She had been there when Bill and his “gang” had started going to Donald.  Laura had cried on her shoulder more times than she cared to remember over the hard time this group was giving Donald.  She had know it was just a matter of time before they wore Donald down.  It had happened before, so there was not reason for her to think it wouldn’t happen again.

June looked at the clock again.  It was time to go to Sunday school.  She locked the door and walked to her car.  It felt like this would be the longest five-minute car ride to church in her life.

June pulled into the parking lot just like normal.  She saw Doug and Billie and waved.  Doug went on to his class while Billie stopped to wait.  Billie greeted her with hug and they walked on to their ladies class.  They entered the room and sat in “their” seats.

The ladies spent the first few minutes catching up over the last week.  More than a little gossip was exchanged.  After a while, they shared prayer requests.  Everyone was concerned about June.  June could not share her main worry at the moment.    Finally, Billie led them in prayer.

Billie taught the lesson she had prepared.  June was normally engaged in the lesson and sharing her thoughts.  Today, she could not concentrate on what anyone was saying.  She was focused more on Donald and Laura as she prayed for them the entire time.

Finally, the bell rung.  Sunday school was over.  The ladies talked and laughed some more as they walked to the worship service.  June held behind and walked alone.  The moment she dreaded was almost here.

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