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Jesus Is In Charge

Imagine for a moment that someone came along and told you about your death.  They didn’t tell you when or where.  However, they do give you a hint on the manner in which you will die.  How would you like that?

Jesus does this for Peter in the closing verses the gospel of John.

Jesus told Peter that he would be executed when he grew older.  John goes on to say that this death would glorify God.  Then Jesus says something else.

“Follow me!”

Would you follow Him?  Knowing that you would follow Jesus, grow old and be executed, would you follow Jesus?  Does Jesus mean that much to you?  Being your Lord and Savior, would you follow Him to death?  Because that could happen to you or me.  We could be executed through following Him the rest of our lives.  If you knew following Him would lead to your death, would you follow Him?

John continues with Peter asking about John’s death.  Jesus basically tells Peter that it’s none of his business.  He tells Peter that if He wants John to live until He returns, what’s that to Peter.  He simply wants Peter to follow Him.

Isn’t that what Jesus wants from all of us?

Follow Him.

Follow Him if it leads to death.

Follow Him if we remain alive.

Follow Him, no matter what.

Jesus is in charge

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  1. September 24, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    I know I’m going to die. Knowing how doesn’t make it any brighter or dimmer but following HIM while traveling this road makes all the difference. Good stuff, Larry.

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