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Why We Need To Eat

When someone creates something, something happens when it is complete.

They sit back, take a look at it and wonder if it is good enough.  Artists, especially, suffer from this.  Negative thought after negative thought strike them.  They wonder if this or that should be changed.

Not God.

When He created, His reaction after His day was to say that it was good.

He created for five days.  Beginning with the third day, he would create and it would be good.  Each day was good in itself and on the next day, He would add to it and declare that it was good.

Then He come to the sixth day.  After creating all of the warm-blooded creatures, he said that it was good.  Then He made His crown jewel.  He created man in His own image.

Next, something interesting happens.  God tells man that He has given every plant yielding seed and tree baring fruit to him for food.


That doesn’t seem strange to us as we need food daily to survive.  However, there is something that hasn’t entered the world yet.


Man did not yet need food to survive because death had not yet entered the world.

So, why does God give food to man at this point?

Because He had declared it good.  He wanted to share His goodness with man.

And after all of this, God sat back and said that it was very good.

There is more to food for us than just merely survival.  It is a way for God to share His goodness with us.  It is a way for us to taste and see that God is good.

God’s purpose in all of creation is for us to know that He is good.  This is why food metaphors are used so much throughout scripture.

Jesus turns water into wine.  It’s not just any wine.  It’s wine that was better than any that had been served in the wedding.

Jesus says that He is the Bread of Heaven.  Why?  Because He is better than any bread we can get here on earth.

Jesus tells His disciples to drink eat His flesh and drink His blood.  Why?  Because true life comes through Him.

Fellowship with God comes through the food He provides, whether it is physical or spiritual.

Taste Him and see that He is good.

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