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Resignation, Part 9

This is a work of fiction.  For other installments, you can follow this link to the fiction page.

Bill lifted his head after the closing prayer.  He had simply stared down at the floor during the benediction.  He could not believe that Donald had resigned without letting him know.  Didn’t he know how things were supposed to be done?  Didn’t he know how things went around here?  Well, Donald was going to here about this.

Of course, Bill had some good feelings about Donald’s resignation.  After a year of pushing and prodding, he had succeeded in pushing Donald out.  Now they could get busy searching for a pastor that understood what it took to grow a church these days.  Bill could foresee good days ahead now that Donald would be out-of-the-way.  He was still stuck in the past.  Now the church could get with it like other churches that were successful and growing.

Bill looked around at the congregation.  Some were crying and upset.  He could not understand how anyone could be upset about Donald leaving.  Had they not been paying attention?  Were they asleep?  Did they not see that things were slowing down and declining?  Could they not see that Donald had been coasting for the last few years?  Bill just shook his head as he watched.

Bill watched several ladies make their way to Laura.  They patted her and hugged her.  Well, that’s women, Bill thought.  Of course they would be upset.  Laura was part of their social lives.  Well, they would get over it and the new pastor’s wife will fill that spot.  Why the new one will probably even be able to reach some new ladies with husbands that have some are making good money.  Bill could see more money coming in the near future.

Bill saw June look at him.  She did not look happy.  Of course, she wouldn’t be happy.  She was weak and depended on Laura and Donald too much.  They had spent a lot of time helping her during her illness.  She was another one of these blind sheep in the congregation that couldn’t see that it was time for Donald to go.  He watched her make her way to Laura.  He would have to go to her later, since he was the de facto leader of the church now.  H would let her know that she would have to buck up over the next few months.

Paul saw David walking down to speak with Donald.  David was going to be a tricky one to deal with.  A lot of people respected him and were willing to listen to him.  He didn’t seem to respect Bill and his position.  He even resisted Paul’s leadership most of the time.  With Donald out of the way, he was going to have to figure out a way to deal with him.  Even those who had sided with Bill against Donald respected David.  Bill was going to have to watch for something that would give him and edge against David.  He was the one guy who could challenge him for leadership in the church now.

Bill thought of Paul.  It had been easy to let Donald be the bad guy in that deal.  Paul wouldn’t take the reins on helping to get rid of Donald, but he also hadn’t been a fan of him either.  He had heard that Paul hadn’t found a church over the past year.  He would give him a call after he got home and let him know that Donald would be leaving.  He might want to come back now.  He would be a good ally in the coming weeks and months.  A lot of people still thought a lot of him.  If he could have Paul on his side, along with all of his friends and followers, he could really solidify his leadership position.

Bill stepped out from his pew and began to make his way down to the front.  He saw a few people who smiled at him.  They, like him, were happy that Donald had resigned.  Bill was sure they were taken by surprise like he was.  They nodded at him as they saw he was headed toward Donald.  He could feel them thinking, “Go get him, Tiger.”

David was standing there talking to Donald as Bill made his way.  They continued talking without looking at him.  He stood there for a minute expecting them to turn to him.  They didn’t and continued talking .  Did they not understand who he was?  Finally, he cleared his throat and they turned the gazes toward him.  Both of them looked at him as though he was something nasty in the punch bowl.  Didn’t they know he was a pretty big deal around here?  Finally, he looked at them and spoke.

“What was that all about?”

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