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What Would This Bible Say?

The picture you see above is my favorite Bible.  For some of you younger folks, this is the app we used to read God’s word before we had smart phones.

Jan gave this to me for my birthday in 1999.  It’s hard to believe that it is thirteen years old.

You might be able to tell that it’s a little bit worn.  It’s frayed in a few spots.  You can open it up to certain spots almost automatically, which would come in handy in a Bible drill if they still have those.

Lauren was five and Andrew was one when I got this bible.  We lived in another town and in another house when I got it.  It traveled with me when we moved to Louisville, Kentucky for the one year I spent in seminary.  It moved back here to Townsend and is the Bible I still use on a daily basis.

This bible has been with me as we have experienced some good times and bad times.  It has seen our family at some high points and at some low points.

Imagine if this bible could talk.

What would it say?

The messages it would convey from the last thirteen years are the least important things it would have to say.

The most important is what is found inside.

It tells me to love God, love my brothers and sisters and love my enemies.

It tells me to repent and be baptized.

It tells me to born again.

It tells me to walk in and be filled with the Spirit.

And much more.

That’s what this bible has to say.

What would this bible say to you?

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