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Resignation, Part 10

This is a work of fiction.  You can find the other installments at my fiction page or by following this link.

Paul pulled into the driveway just before 2 p.m. and looked at the empty spot in the driveway.  Leslie wasn’t home yet.  She was probably at her mom’s.  She had planned on going to church with her parents today and then going out to eat with them.  She would probably be home within the next thirty minutes or so.

Paul had been lucky.  He had killed the deer early.  It hadn’t run far after he shot it, so he didn’t have no problem tracking it.  He had field dressed it, hung it in to let it drain and took a nap.  Dragging it hadn’t been too bad, not like the first time he had drug a deer out of there.  A quick trip to the checking station to make it all legal and then he took it straight to the butcher.  Paul and Leslie would have some nice venison tenderloin for Thanksgiving.

Now Paul was ready for a shower and to sit down in his recliner.  He carried all of his gear in.  He set the garbage bag full of his hunting clothes in front of the washer.  He would wash them in the unscented detergent in a bit.  He didn’t want the deer to smell him during the next hunt.  He put his .30-06 in the gun safe and looked at his Mossberg .  He looked forward to turkey season in the spring.

Finally, Paul walked into the kitchen.  He made himself a sandwich and poured a glass of Diet Mountain Dew.  He was about to head into the den and turn on a football game when he noticed the blinking on the answering machine.  He never used the land line anymore and had even suggested to Leslie that they get rid of it.  They always talked to each other on their cell phones, as well as their friends.  Leslie wanted to keep though, “just in case.”  Paul wondered who would be calling them on it.  Probably a wrong number or a solicitor, he thought.  He hit the play button and couldn’t believe whose voice he heard on the other end.

It was Bill.  Paul listened and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Bill told him that Donald had resigned and that things would be changing.  He wanted to talk to Paul about coming back to the church and wondered when a good time to get together and talk about it would be.  Paul just shook his head as he stared at the ceiling.  Some things would never change and he realized that he would never really understand Bill at all.

About that time he heard the sound of car tires on the gravel driveway.  Leslie was pulling up in her Accord.  He smiled, glad to know that she was home.  She always loved to hear about his hunt.  He would show her pictures he had taken on his phone of the buck he had  killed and of where he had hunted.  She always said that she would like to go with him sometime.  Maybe one day they would go in together.  Who knows?  Maybe she would even kill one sometime.

The back door opened and in walked Leslie.  She smiled at Paul and quickly walked to him.  She put her arms around him and reached up to kiss him.  She looked at his sandwich and that he was standing at the answering machine.

“Who called?”, she asked.

Paul looked at her and smiled.

“You wouldn’t believe me in a thousand-years.  Listen to this message.”

Paul reached up and pushed the button to replay the message.  Leslie’s eyebrows arched up.  She looked at Paul and shook her head.

“I can’t believe Bill called you and said that.”

“Yeah, me either.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know”, Paul said.  “I just don’t know.”

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