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Resignation, Part 11

This is a work of fiction.  You can find the installments at my Fiction page.

David looked up as his phone started ringing.  He groaned, but walked over to pick it up.  He look at the display and groaned some more.  It was Bill.

“Hello”, David said shaking his head wondering what Bill could want, yet knowing what he was calling about.

“David, this is Bill.  Look I’ve called a deacon’s meeting for 3:00.  We’ve got to get the ball rolling on this thing.”

David looked at his watch.  It was 2:00.  David gritted his teeth at the thought of giving up his afternoon for another round of Bill’s antics.  He had already shown his tail following the service.  He wasn’t sure why he had such a vendetta against Donald, but it was evident that he did.  Bill had done a pretty good job of not allowing many in the church to see that side of him, but a few saw him get ugly with Donald as he stepped out of the pulpit today.

“Bill, what exactly do we need to get the ball rolling on?”, David said, expecting literally anything out of Bill.

“David, are you that stupid?  We have to get the search committee picked.  We need to let Donald know that he needs to get out of the house this week so we can get it cleaned up for the new pastor.  We need to get speakers lined up.”, Bill said.  His voice kept getting louder and louder with each phrase.

“Bill, I think you need to calm down.  Donald had a month to move out of the house.  His resignation is effective in a month.  We don’t have to be in such a hurry.  We can take this slowly.  The first thing we need to relax and take a breath.”

“David, I know you and Donald are friends, but you need to understand how this is going to go down.  He’s not staying for a month in that house or in the pulpit.  We’re going to send him packing this week.  I won’t stand for him to be here any longer.”

“Bill, how exactly are you planning on making this happen?  The bylaws say they have a month to leave the house and he publicly gave a month notice.  I think you’re going to have a hard time pushing this through.  Especially after the way you jumped on Donald after the service.  You just need to sit back and let things happen.  Quit pushing so hard.”

“David, you just don’t know how things work.  This is going to happen.  Bylaws can be worked around.  You just be at the meeting at 3:00.  Understand?”

“Oh, I’ll be there, Bill.  Someone has bring sanity to this meeting.  Now, do you have anything else?  I’ve got better things to do, since you have interrupted the rest of my afternoon.”

“No, that will be it.  Just remember, David, I’m the chairman of the deacons.  That means I’m running this show.”

David hung up the phone and just stared at it for a minute.  He knew that Bill liked to think of himself as a big fish.  Actually, he thought of himself as the Big Fish of the church.  He just couldn’t believe that he was getting worse.

David turned back to the kitchen and looked at Donald and Laura.

“This thing is about to get uglier.”

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