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Happy Festivus: An Older Christmas Post

I am taking a break this weekend and posting some older posts.  This is last year’s Festivus post.  My friend David and I are not working together any longer, but I know that we are celebrating it together in spirit.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Festivus.

It’s a fake holiday that was created by the dad of one the writers of Seinfeld.  It made its appearance on the show and in the broader conscience of America in an episode called The Strike.  The thought of Frank Costanza buying George a doll and failing, resulting in the creation of Festivus makes me laugh.

There are a few requirements of celebrating Festivus.  First, you have to air your grievances with those you are celebrating with.  This is different from the normal airing of grievances that occurs on a daily basis.

Next comes the feats of strength.  Some form of wrestling is an outstanding way to achieve this one.

Finally, you must be on the lookout of the Festivus miracle.

And don’t forget the Festivus pole.  This is simple an aluminum pole on a stand.

My friend, David, and I will be celebrating this today at lunch.  We have plenty of grievances.  I plan on putting David in a figure-four leg-lock.  However, the Festivus miracles have already happened.  Yesterday, I was told th at our washer had torn up while Jan and I were at work.  After we got home, we found out that it was just a faulty setting.  A Festivus miracle.  My sports team, the University of Tennessee Volunteers, received the commitment of a five-star player who graduated high school early and will play immediately.  It had to be the reach of the power of Festivus, right?

Of course, all of this is in fun.  None of this is serious.  David and I like to have this bit of fun every year.

Don’t forget what this season of the time is about.  It’s really about the birth and arrival of Christ.  Let this reality become a part of your life all year-long.  Don’t limit it to a few days toward the end of the year.

Do you celebrate Festivus?  How do you celebrate it?

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