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Resignation, Part 14: Two Months Later

This is a work of fiction.  Other chapters can be found here.

David walked into the church and headed to the pastor’s study.  He wound his way through the hallways with a sense of excitement and trepidation.  The pastor search team was meeting for the first time.  They were beginning the process of finding a new pastor.  He looked forward to finding the man God would call to their church.  He dreaded, though, the weeks and months of meeting and travel that it would take to find this person.

He walked into the room and three other of the five members were there.  Fred McGinley sat there chatting with Teresa Smith.  Fred was one of the longest-serving deacons in the church.  Dan remembered when he had been chairman of the deacons when he had first come to the church after he and Allison had gotten married.  He couldn’t believe that it had been twenty-five years ago.  Teresa was in her late thirties who taught the older women’s Sunday school class.  They had difficulty in finding a teacher after Mrs. Walker had passed away.  None of the other ladies int he class wanted to teach.  Teresa had volunteered about two years earlier and it was a great match.  She loved the older ladies and they grew to love her.

The other team member sitting there was Tom Davis.  He was a younger deacon who tended to not join any particular party, but always seemed to seek the best solution for whatever decision needed to be made.  This rubbed some the wrong way, but it also gained him respect among some in the church as he was a viewed as someone who would not just go along with someone because they were buddies.

David sat down and greeted everyone.  They engaged in some idle chit-chat as they waited for the last member of the team to arrive.  They didn’t have to wait long as the door opened and they all looked up at Bill Johnson as he walked in smiling.

“Glad all of you could make it”, Bill said as he sat down at the head of the table.  “I have a list of names for us to consider for interim pastor.  That should be the first item on our agenda.  Then we can move on to finding our pastor.  None of this should take too long.  I hope to have us a pastor to consider within a couple of weeks.”

Everyone just looked at Bill in stunned silence.  There were a few glances at each other and then back at Bill.  Finally Teresa broke the silence.

“Shouldn’t we begin with prayer and seek the Lord in this?  Aren’t we jumping the gun just a little, Bill?”

Bill glared at Teresa.  David could see this meeting was getting off to as good of a start as the last deacon’s meeting they had with Donald.  Finally, Bill spoke.

“Sure, Teresa.  Let’s pray.  Do you want to open us up?”  Bill’s tone was a bit condescending.  It was no secret what Bill’s opinion of women was.  It had been up to him there would be no women on this search team.

“I’d be glad to.  Let’s pray.  Lord we come before you today first of all to praise and worship You.  You are the reason we are here.  We pray that You would be honored by what we do in the meeting.  We lay our agendas down and seek Your agenda.  We seek Your face in choosing a chairperson of this team.  We pray for the man who You will lead us to.  We pray for each other and pray that Your Spirit will guide us in all decisions made.  In Your Son’s name we pray.  Amen.”

Everyone lifted their eyes.  David glanced at Bill and could see the smirk growing on his face.  He almost wondered aloud what was bringing that on.

“Teresa thanks for praying that prayer, but we don’t need to choose a chairperson.  I’m the chairman of the deacons and the leader of this church right now.  I’ll go ahead and take this position on.”  Bill just kind of leaned back in his chair as he said that as though there would be no discussion.  Everyone else on the team just looked at him and then back at each other.  Fred spoke up this time.

“Bill, I see that you haven’t changed since the last meeting we both attended.  You can’t just assume leadership of this team.  The By-laws say that the team will choose its own chairperson.  So, that should be our first item of business.  I call for us to go ahead and do that now.”

David could see the anger building in Bill.  He was sure that Bill had considered it suffering a loss when Fred and the other deacons had walked out on him two months earlier.  Now, Fred McGinley was causing him more problems.

“You mean you people really think we should vote on this?  I mean, the church voted me on this team.  Obviously they want me to be the chairperson.”  Bill was leaning forward in what David had to assume was what supposed to be an intimidating pose.

Teresa spoke up.  “Yes, I think we should choose from among us.  I don’t want to be chairperson, but I nominate David”

Tom looked around at everyone and spoke for the first time.  “I second that.  I think David would make a great chairperson.  We need someone who can keep on the right track and stand before the church to represent the team.”

Fred looked at Bill and then the others.  “I’ve been on a couple of these teams.  Some have been good and some have not.  I think David is the best choice to be our chairman.”

Bill just about blew a gasket.  “Are you kidding me?  If he had his way, we wouldn’t even be here now and would still have the same pastor.  Nothing would have changed from what has been going on over the past few years.”  Bill was almost yelling.

Tom looked up at him.  “Bill, I’m not sure that any of us really thought anything much had to change anyway.  But it did and here we are.  So, let’s follow the process, which is the team decides the chairperson.”

Bill glared at Tom.  “Tom, if you didn’t think anything needed to change then you’re just plain stupid.”

David finally broke his silence.  “Bill, are you listening to yourself?  Do you understand that the way you are handling this is exactly why none of us want you to be chairperson?  What you did to Donald and what you are doing today is exactly why fewer and fewer people trust you?  You’re ruining your reputation.  I’m not really sure what’s happened to you, but you need to get a grip.”

Bill just sat back.  “Fine.  If that’s the way you want it.  But I guarantee this team is going to have problems in these meetings and in the church.”

Fred spoke up and said, “Bill, the only problem we’re seeing right now is with your attitude.  If there are problems with us in the church, we have a pretty good idea where they are going to be coming from.  You were voted onto this team.  You need to decide if you can really work with us.”

Bill just couldn’t believe that anyone talking to him this way.  This had never happened .  This time he remained silent.

Fred looked at David.  “David, it seems you’re our chairman.  What do you suggest at this point?’

David looked at everyone and said, ” I say we dismiss in prayer, go our on way and pray.  Let’s meet again Wednesday night after prayer meeting.”

Everyone agree and began to leave.  Bill was the first one out the door.

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