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When We Get A Pastor

There is a common fallacy that any of us in the church could be guilty.  It has happened to me before and it may have happened to you.  It will usually manifest itself like this:

When we get a pastor…….things will be better.

Leadership in churches changes from time to time.  A pastor is called to another church.  A pastor is asked to leave.  A pastor retires.  It doesn’t really matter.  Many of us will react with the above statement.  When we get a pastor…..things will be better.

When we get a pastor……attendance will improve.

When we get a pastor……we will have some leadership here.

When we get a pastor…….our finances will get better.

When we get a pastor……..we will grow spiritually.

That’s a lot to lay at the feet of one man.  In fact, it’s terrible.  Can you imagine the pressure some are under to live up to those expectations?  A guy feels that the Lord is directing him to this particular church and suddenly he has everyone’s agenda to live up to.

It’s crazy.  And it’s wrong.

You say, “What do you know, Mr. Blogger Guy?  You write these posts like you have it all together and figured out.

I hope not.  I screw it up too.  I have those same thoughts.  I have had the attitude of “Just wait”, things will get better when we get the right guy.

It just doesn’t work that way.  How about we do something different?

How about we take that time without a pastor to work on ourselves?  How about we work so that we won’t be part of the problem when he arrives?  How about we work with the Lord making us better leaders ?  How about growing spiritually in the absence of a pastor?

It’s really not up to him, is it?  We should be focused on our relationship with the Lord so that the pastor is able to come in and perform the tasks his role calls for rather than expecting the new pastor to make us and the church into what we should be.

My church is not looking for a pastor.  One day it might be.  If so, I hope that we are able to do what the church is called to do without waiting for when we get a pastor.

Have you or your church ever waited for a pastor to begin moving in the right direction?

  1. jonstolpe
    January 11, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I guess I’ve seen it from the other side of the fence. I’m so thankful for my parents example as they have moved through the ups and downs of ministry.

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