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Resignation, Part 17

This is a work of fiction.  You can read other chapters at my Fiction page.

Tom Davis pulled into his usual spot in the Mary E. Greene Memorial Park.  He reached over and grabbed the small cooler that was sitting in his back floorboard.  It was his lunch time and his routine rarely varied.  He drove the five minutes it took to get from his office to the park.  He parked under the same tree.  His lunch was even usually the same, unless he decided to do something crazy, like grab something over at Taco Bob’s.

Tom looked around while he ate his sandwich.  A few children were swinging.  Their mothers were pushing a few of the smaller ones.  Some  older children were on the slides.  He wasn’t good at guessing kids ages.  He wondered if some of them were just not old enough to go to school or if some were homes schooled.  He knew a few people who did that at church, but he didn’t recognize any of them.

Tom grabbed a handful of chips as he watched two mothers load their children into jogger strollers.  He supposed they were going to run on the path around the small lake in the center of the park.  It was just beginning to get chilly.  They had long-sleeved t-shirts and running tights on.  Tom thought that they might have been slightly over dressed for the conditions.  He would still be wearing his regular running gear if he was going out.  He would probably try to get his run in after work.

Taking a long swallow of water, Tom grabbed his Bible.  He spent most of his lunch time reading his Bible and praying.  He was trying to read the Bible through in ninety days.  It was ambitious and he had to stay on it pretty hard everyday.  Most of the time it was pretty easy, but some of the genealogies were tough sledding.  Today he was reading through the minor prophets.  He wondered what some of them would think if they knew that was how they were referred to now?

After he finished, he spent some time praying.  As normal, he focused on praying on the search process for the new pastor.  He thought it would be exciting when he found out that the church has selected him to be on this team.  He had learned quickly that it was going to be a lot tougher than he realized.  Everyone seemed to be good to work with, but Bill Johnson was another story.  Tom did not understand him at all.  Everyone was aware of the way he had pushed worked to run Donald off this past year.  In Tom’s opinion, he shouldn’t be a deacon, much less chairman of the group.  It made even less sense to him that Bill had been selected to the search team.  He had yet to hear anyone admit that they voted for Bill.  Something just didn’t seem right with it.

Tom finished praying as he often did.  He prayed for the Lord to send him a wife.  He had been praying for this for so long that he couldn’t remember when he had started.  It’s not like he hadn’t dated a few ladies.  He just hadn’t found one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  Most of them had been fine, but they didn’t have the same desires for life that he had.  Tom spent a week of his vacation every year on some sort of mission trip. Most of the gals he had gone out with thought this was good, but not something they wanted to do.  Tom wanted someone in his life who he could share these experiences with.

Tom looked up and saw the jogger strollers round the bend finishing their first lap around the lake.  He watched as they rounded back to where they had started and headed out for a second loop.  He had run that so many times he knew they had just finished the first half of a three-mile run.  He started his car and backed out.  He pulled out on the road and headed back to work.  He had about four hours until his own run.  Just like every other day.

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