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Why We Must Become Catfish

You have probably heard of the Manti Te’o story by now.  You haven’t?  Well, you’re not a sports fan or you have been totally cutoff from the news for a while now.  I won’t rehash it here.  I trust you can Google it and find out the details for yourself.

The interesting thing that I found out in hearing about the story is that there is a show on MTV called Catfish.  It tells the stories of people who think someone is interested in a relationship because they have been contacted through the internet.  They come to find out that these people are not who they are.  They are called catfish.

The reason they are called catfish is because of something that happened in the seafood industry.  Cod were imported from Asia.  The problem was that the cod became inactive.  Their flesh became mushy.  To promote activity, catfish were added to the tanks.

What can we who follow Christ learn from this?

We must become catfish.

We cannot be like the inactive cod.  We become soft and mushy in our spiritual lives when this happens.  We have to have catfish in our spiritual lives to spur us on.

Hebrews 10:25 says that we should consider how to stimulate each other to love and good deeds.

That’s what the catfish did to the cod.  They stimulated them.  Instead of becoming soft and mushy, they remained firm and strong.  So must we do the same thing.  We must stimulate each other.  We must allow ourselves to be stimulated by others so that we can remain strong in our faith.  Fellowship and love among the church family is vital to remain who we should be in Christ.

We must become catfish.

Are you a catfish in the family of God?  Do you have catfish in  your life?

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