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Resignation, Part 18

This is a work of fiction.  You can find other installments at my Fiction page.

David woke up and looked at the clock.  It was 4:30 a.m. just like most mornings.  It seemed that it didn’t matter what time he went to bed, his body was geared to wake up early.  He sighed a bit.  He felt the same pounding headache that had been troubling him for the past couple of days.  Nothing seemed to touch it and he wished that he could go back to sleep.  That was the only thing that would touch it.  “Oh well, there’s always a nap later”, he thought.

He looked over at Allison as he slipped out of bed.  She would sleep a couple of more hours after he got out of bed.  They had been following the same routines and rhythms for nearly three decades.  It hadn’t changed and worked well for the two of them.

David walked into the mud room and opened the cabinet.  He took some medicine for his headache, even though he was dubious to it helping.  He was afraid that it was stress related and would remain until they found a pastor.  The team was meeting today to discuss the direction they would go regarding the pastor search.  Everyone would be agreeable, he thought, except for Bill.

He walked on into his living room with a bottle of water and his Bible.  He liked to start his day off with a Psalm and some prayer.  He would read some other scripture afterward, but this seemed to set his soul in the right direction.  As always his prayer was  for unity in the church and for the future pastor that they would find.  He prayed that man’s heart would begin to stir and that the Lord would bring them together.  David knew that this task was too much for this team to do on their own.

Following his prayer, David began to read in Colossians.    He had been reading through Paul’s epistles lately.  There was so much trouble in those early churches that Paul had to deal with.  David thought that there was so much paralleling what was happening in their church now.

It hit him like a ton of bricks when he read it.  He wasn’t expecting it.  He had read it before, but had forgotten it was there.  Right there in Colossians it told him what his plan of action for the meeting would be.  He realized that the team had to be right with the Lord before  they could even begin to search for the pastor.  He realized that it wasn’t just everyone else, but it was him as well.

David made a few notes in the little notebook he kept with his Bible.  He then went back to prayer as he knew specifically how he needed to pray for this team and himself at this point.  Instead of dreading the meeting later that day, he was looking forward to it.  Bill would have no effect on that going forward.

He heard something and looked up.  Allison was walking into the living room.  She bent down and kissed him.

“How’s your headache?”, Allison asked as she moved over to the couch.

“Funny you ask,” David said with a wide smile on his face.  “My  head hasn’t felt this good in a few days.”

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