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Praying For Snakes

I was mowing at my father-in-law’s a couple of years ago. I do this almost every week, pushing a heavy mower up and down his banks when mowing season begins. Fortunately I have a helper now, but Andrew wasn’t hardly big enough to help me then.

I was near one bushy area when a rabbit ran out from the growth. I paused to watch as it seemed to mimic the British from Johnny Horton’s Battle of New Orleans. It didn’t stop to look at me. It hightailed it out of there.

Something else caught my eye. Slowly emerging from that same bushy area was something that immediately struck fear in my heart. It was a snake. Not just any snake, though. It was a 42 inch rattlesnake.

I have to admit that I squealed a bit. It’s not often I see a rattler around. Only three or four were killed within a few hundred yards of my house last year. That doesn’t count the Copperheads.

Jan’s dad, who has a bit more experience in dealing with rattlesnakes, came around. He grabbed a stout stick and popped it a couple of time across the neck. Next thing you know, we were playing with the snake and removing its rattles.

Let’s get one thing straight before I go any further. I did not ask for this snake to come into my presence. It came of its own volition. I would never ask for a snake.

Yet, I do much too often.

I ask the Father for snakes all the time. How do I know? Jesus said that no father would give his child a snake when asked for a fish. I get fish when I don’t even ask for them. It stands to reason that I ask for snakes and the Father gives me something better.

I ask for stones and He gives me eggs. What He gives me is infinitely better than anything I could think to ask for.

I ask for a red Corvette and He gives me anything other than a red Corvette.

Our God is good and wants good for those who follow Him.

Have you ever asked God for snakes or stones or red Corvettes?

  1. February 6, 2013 at 7:12 am

    Might be my favorite post of yours yet. Great twist.

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