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Resignation, Part 22

This is a work of fiction.  You can find other chapters at my Fiction page.

Teresa entered her house through her kitchen door like always.  He sat her purse on a chair and walked straight into her living room.  She sat down with a sigh and shook her head.  Why was she on the pastor search team and why was it going the way it was?

She laid there for a few minutes before she got up to get a bottle of water.  Taking a few sips, she returned to the living room to lay down on the couch.  All she wanted to do was quit thinking about the meeting.  All she could see whenever she closed her eyes was Bill Johnson almost laughing through the entire meeting.  She wasn’t sure what was going on with him, but he was different.  Different and not in a good way.

Bill had challenged everything they had tried to do.  Dan had tried to focus the meeting on praying for each step of their process.  Praying for the church while they were without a pastor.  Praying for unity of the team.  Praying for the leadership of the church.  Praying for the new pastor.  Bill told them they were wasting time and needed to get onto the search.  He said that the church was losing patience and if they weren’t careful they would be replaced.  The emphasis was on the four of them and not Bill.  It came across as a threat, as though Bill would orchestrate something behind the scenes to remove them.

Teresa was afraid that she might have caved if it hadn’t been for the others on the team.  Dan had stood his ground with Bill.  He told Bill that the important thing was that they laid the groundwork for how they would operate.  They needed to bathe the entire process in prayer and let the Lord guide them.  He told Bill that he didn’t understand why he was trying to make things difficult.

Fred McGinley spoke up and explained to them all that the process of finding a pastor was never a quick one.  It took time as they prayed, thought and conferred with one another.  They weren’t simply hiring an employee.  They were seeking the shepherd that the Lord wanted for their church.  There was nothing magic about it.  It was just doing the work they needed to do.

Things got testy when Tom Davis spoke up.  It wasn’t exactly the most tactful way of approaching things, but it revealed more about the situation they were in that perhaps any other question.  Tom asked Bill if he was seeking the Lord in any of his decisions or actions.  Bill looked at him and just began to laugh.  Everyone else just looked at each other while Bill seemed to think the question was a hoot.  It got worse when Tom asked his next question.  He asked Bill when he had come to know the Lord.

Bill didn’t laugh this time.  He looked at every other member of the team with a serious look in his eyes.  His face became red and Teresa wondered if he was going to have a stroke or heart attack.  When he finally spoke he told them all that his relationship with the Lord was none of their business.  The way he said it left no doubt in anyone’s mind that Tom had struck a nerve.

Teresa thought Dan handled the situation about as well as anyone could.  He simply called for an adjournment of the meeting.  Fred seconded and they all agreed.  Everyone but Bill, who just sat there glaring at who he could.  They all got up to leave.  Bill sat there, not saying a word to anyone as they walked out of the room and headed home.

The only thing Teresa could think of to do was pray as he lay there on the couch.  She was putting her faith and trust in the God of her salvation for how things would go.  It was obvious to her after the meeting where her prayer focus for the team had to be at this time.  She prayed that Bill would get his heart right with the Lord.  She didn’t know his standing with God anymore than she anyone else’s, but she knew the fruit wasn’t showing.

Teresa looked at the clock and realized that she had been laying there praying for about an hour.  She had an early shift in the morning, so she decided that she needed to go to bed.  Hopefully, she would feel better in the morning.  She was going to trust the Lord on that.

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