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Resignation, Part 23

This is a work of fiction.  For the other chapters of this story, check out my Fiction page.

Tom drove the twenty some miles to the airport in silence.  Since being named to the search committee everything seemed so loud and noisy.  He wasn’t used to that in his life.  He needed some extra quiet time in his life, so he left the radio off for a change.  He enjoyed the quiet hum of the drive and used the time to pray about what was going on.

The previous meeting didn’t go as well as anyone hoped.  In fact, it hadn’t gone well at all and they really hadn’t accomplished much at all. He supposed that he could have been a little more tactful, but all of the nonsense Bill Johnson was bringing to the table was beginning to get on his nerves a bit.  Tom tended to say whatever was on his mind and it had gotten him in trouble before.  It sure seemed to explode a bit this time.  He just couldn’t help but wonder about Bill’s relationship with the Lord.

Bill smelled the aroma of barbecue.  He looked over at the former gas station.  It was now a drive-in barbecue joint.  He thought that might be the place for supper after he picked Allison up.  He hadn’t seen her in a few months and usually only got to see her a time or two each year.  He probably wouldn’t see her again until Christmas after this trip.

Allison was his little sister.  She worked for a government agency in some fashion.  She couldn’t talk much about what she did, but he knew that she traveled a lot.  He imagined that she was like Jennifer Garner’s character from the show Alias, but more likely she had a boring desk job.  She was visiting for a couple of days.  Their mother hadn’t been doing very well lately.

Tom sat waiting for the light to turn green.  He looked around and thought about the difference between this town and the big city where Allison lived.  He didn’t regret once not moving away.  He had his chances, he supposed, but small town life was more for him.

A weird feeling struck Tom and he looked in his mirrors.  Nothing seemed unusual, but he got the distinct feeling that he was being watched.  He looked at the vehicles behind him, but none of them stuck out.  He just shook his head and thought that the tension of the recent meeting was getting to him.

The light finally turned green and Tom continued his journey.  He drove the next three miles and saw the airport on his left.  He watched a plane land as pulled around to the parking garage.  He took his time pulling into the parking garage.  Looking at the clock, he still had about twenty or thirty minutes before her plane would touch down.  He pulled into a parking spake and got out of the car.  As he walked to the terminal the feeling struck him again.  Tom felt like someone was watching him.  He looked around and saw nothing unusual.  He continued into the terminal.

Tom saw that Allison’s flight still had a bit to go, so he walked into the gift shop.  Allison would text as soon as she could and then he would make his way to meet her.  He glanced at some magazines and books.  He didn’t see anything that interested him.  He pulled out his phone and check Twitter and Facebook.  Nothing was really going on that he could tell.  Finally, he saw that Allison’s plane had landed.  He waited a couple of minutes and, sure enough, Allison texted him.  He made his way to the exit and waited.  Soon enough, he saw Allison walking down the ramp toward him.  She walked up to him and, without saying anything, hugged him.

“Hey!!!”, Allison finally said to him.

“Hey yourself, kiddo!”, Tom replied.

They chatted a bit as they walked to get her luggage.  Her first bag came around and Tom grabbed it.  As the second one came around, that strange feeling came across him again.  He grabbed the bag and looked around, shaking his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing.  I’ve just had this feeling for the past hour that someone has been watching me.  I felt it on the drive over and a couple of times in here.”  Tom just grinned shaking his head.

“Do you think it’s that guy over there behind the paper in the ball cap?”, Allison asked, nodding her head to point him out.

Tom turned around and was shocked.  Standing there was Tom Jennings trying to look inconspicuous.  He guessed that he was doing a fairly good job since he hadn’t noticed him.

“No wonder I felt like I was being watched.  I really am being watched.”  Tom just shook his head.  ” I wonder what he will do when he realizes that I’ve seen him.”

Tom just stared at Tom Jennings for a second.  Finally, they made eye contact.  Tom Jennings began to act nervously and almost ran out of the terminal.

“Why would someone be following you to the airport, Tom?”  Allison looked at him in an almost protective, yet suspicious manner.

“Oh, that guy is harmless.  Let’s get to the car and I’ll tell you all about what’s been going on at church lately.”

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