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What Does Your Confession Look Like?

I don’t know if you do a lot of confession when you pray.  I hope you do.  Confession is, they say, good for the soul.  I wonder, though, what most of us do when we confess to the Lord.

I  wonder if in our confession we simply tell God what we did.  Don’t get me wrong.  I definitely think we should do that.  Sure, the Lord already knows about it, but we should tell him that we know we have sinned.

But is there more?  Do we just nonchalantly advise Him of the sin we have committed?  Or do we really take it seriously?

Are we contrite?  Do we really think that what we did was wrong?  Do we really believe that we have sinned against our Creator?  Do we wonder if there will be any consequences to our sin?  Or do we simply say that we are forgiven, we can’t lose our salvation, and move on?

Are we grief-stricken?  Do we wonder how we could have sinned instead of walking in the Spirit?  Do we question why we aren’t filled with the Spirit in that moment?  Are we devastated that what we did was not the fruit of the Spirit?

Do we repent?  Not just say that we will never do it again, but do we really turn one hundred eighty degrees from the direction we have taken?

I know that I have spent too little time in my life thinking like this.  What would happen if this was our attitude?  We might find ourselves  in fewer situations needing to be contrite, grief-stricken repent.

What does your confession look like?

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