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From The Archives: I Don’t Want To Be A Clone

This is a post from a couple of years ago.

The most recent episode of Doctor Who was about clones.  The Doctor and crew landed in the year 2020, I believe, and encountered a group of people and their clones. I won’t go into all of the details, but if you’ve watched enough sci-fi you understand that nothing good comes of having a bunch of clones around.  Look at the Star Wars movie Attack of the Clones from a few years ago or any other movie or TV show involving clones.  Whenever you have clones, you have trouble.

This all leads me to think about the Steven Taylor song from several years back I Want To Be A Clone.  This song talks about how the people in our churches don’t want individuality, but really want clones.  They want you to mimic them and learn from them.  In reality, they want you to learn how to toe the party line, not cause any trouble and eventually you get your shot to teach other people how to be clones.  It’s a very satirical look at what happens when we come to Christ and join the church.  It’s sad, really.

What is the result of having a bunch of clones in the church?  Just like a sci-fi movie or show, nothing good.  You may have some relative peace.  You may have a bunch of people who don’t rock the boat.  You may have a bunch of Yes People.  But, is that a good thing?  What you really get is a perversion of what the Church is all about.

In the Doctor Who episode that I referenced, the clones turn on the originals and are determined to destroy them.  I think something similar happens in the church.  When individuals are recognized for who they are, they will turn on the establishment.  When people are pressed to conform and be just like everyone else, they will balk.  They will rebel (The Doctor Who episode I refer is entitled The Rebel Flesh.  I could really do a whole post on that title alone.)  I’m not saying I condone this behavior.  I’m just speaking to the reality of it.  The would be clones in the church will either cause trouble or leave and begin another church.

What should happen?  Our churches should be places where all different types of people are welcome.  These differences should be celebrated.  After all, different people have been joining the Church since the beginning.  Jew. Greek. Slave. Free. Man.  Woman.  Instead of setting up these differences, let’s celebrate what we have in common.  One Savior.  Oneness in Christ.  Let’s build each other up and encourage each other to use our differences to honor, magnify and glorify Christ.

How about you?  Do you ever feel pressured to be a clone?  Do you ever pressure anyone to be a clone?

  1. March 28, 2013 at 5:53 am

    I think the pressure to be a clone was more self-imposed than other-imposed. I wanted to be like so-and-so or preach like so-and-so. Dangerous game to play. Sort of like expecting everyone to measure up to the pastor’s idea of a “real Christian.”

  2. March 28, 2013 at 6:25 am

    Interesting post today in light of the book I’ve been reading – The Connecting Church 2.0 by Randy Frazee. In the book, Frazee talks about his thoughts on how individualism especially over the past few decades has destroyed community. He calls for churches to take action to restore authentic community which does require a removal of many individualistic patterns and behaviors.

    I love the song, and I want to be me. But I also want to experience the kind of community that we were created to experience.

    • March 28, 2013 at 6:29 am

      I think the problem is (and the point I’m attempting to make) is that too often churches want us to be clones of what they believe Christians should be. I would like to be (and I think the Bible points us to be) clones of Christ. That would be great for our churches.

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