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From The Archives: Discipleship or Followship?

This post originally ran a couple of years ago.

I read an article recently that stated that we have a discipleship problem within the Church.  I understand what the author was saying.  The point was that Christian leaders are not investing enough of themselves in others like Christ did the disciples.  Therefore, there is not enough discipleship within the Church and our churches.  I have another take on it.  I’ll phrase it in the form of a question, Alex.

Is our problem discipleship or followship?

When Christ called His disciples, He often did it with two words: “Follow Me!!”  Maybe he stated His objective as making them fishers of men.  Maybe He said nothing else.  Nevertheless, He told them to follow Him.  He didn’t ask.  He stated it as a command.  A directive.  Follow.

Is that the problem that we face in our churches?  I can only look and examine myself.  I have to ask if I’m really willing to follow Christ.

I can be willing to do many things.  I may be willing to serve as a deacon.  I may be willing to take up the offering.  I may be willing to teach Sunday school, or Life Group if I’m in a contemporary church.  You can think of countless other things that you may be willing to do.  We all have to ask ourselves the question.  “Am I following Christ in all of this?”

Within the church, it’s, perhaps, fashionable to disciple someone, but is it fashionable to truly follow Christ?

Discipleship?  Or Followship?  This is the question.  What is our answer?

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