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From The Archives: Juggling Balls and Spinning Plates

A post from a couple of years ago.

Do you know how to juggle?  I do, sort of.  I taught myself how to juggle two and three balls around twenty-five years ago.  It’s a neat parlor trick that I can pull out and impress some people from time to time, especially if I don’t drop the balls.

Have you ever seen clips from old variety shows where someone is spinning plates on a rod?  They begin spinning plates and add additional plates as they go.  Their goal is to keep all of the plates spinning.  It’s impressive if they can.

What does that have to do with the normal topics you find here on Deuceology?  We are all jugglers and plate spinners in our lives, aren’t we?  Just like a real  juggler, we figure out how to juggle a couple of things.  Then we add another and pretty soon we are really juggling.  We are performing.  We put different plates up on the rods.  We get them to spinning.  We are really impressing people.  And what happens?

Someone wants us to juggle another ball.  Someone wants us to add another plate.  What do we do?  Too often we say ok.  We try to take on another ball.  We try to spin another plate.  What happens?  A ball falls.  Balls fall.  A plate falls.  Plates fall.  Why?  Because we try to take on more than we are capable of doing well.  Don’t mistake what I’m saying.  We might be able to handle that first plate.  We might be able to handle that first ball. But it will catch up to us.  A ball will be added and we will drop them all.  A plate will be added and we have broken plates.

It happens in our churches, doesn’t it?  We have the balls we are juggling.  We have these plates we are spinning.  Someone asks us to do something else.  Something good.  Suddenly we are doing another good thing for God.  There’s just one problem.

We not be doing anything GREAT for God.  Someone is scratching their heads.  Someone doesn’t get it.  They are asking if it isn’t good enough to do good things for God.  My answer?  No!!!!

Jim Collins said that the enemy of great is good.  We settle for good, when we could and should be doing something great.

So, what do I suggest?  Quit trying to juggle all the balls.  Juggle the number you can be great at.  Quit trying to spin all of the plates.  Spin the number you can be great at.  Juggle for the glory of God.  Spin for the glory of God.  Lay some balls down.  Put some plates away.

Be great at juggling some balls and spinning some plates for God’s glory.

Do you need to lay some balls and plates down so you can be great at some things to glorify God?

  1. April 16, 2013 at 5:38 am

    I may be wrong Larry but I think the reason we have so much trouble with the balls and plates goes to the old saying, “Keep the main thing the main thing.” We often get so busy trying to add this or add that we find ourselves spinning our wheels.

    • April 16, 2013 at 5:43 am

      Great point, Bill. We get too busy and involved that don’t really matter.

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