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Resignation, Part 28

Teresa walked into Betty’s Buy Low and grabbed a basket.  She didn’t need a buggy since she was just buying a few things.   She only needed to get a couple of things to hold her until she did her big shopping, which wasn’t really big at all considering she only really bought for one.  She wondered what it would be like to have to buy groceries for more than herself?  She had been doing this way for so long that she wondered if she could even do it.

Teresa headed to the bread first.  She grabbed her favorite brand  and headed over to the lunch meat cooler.  She looked over everything and decided to buy some bologna.  There were two ways she liked her baloney, cold or fried, and it had to have a first name.  She might fix herself a sandwich and some chips and head to the river.  There was nothing more relaxing that eating a baloney sandwich while listening to the river flow by.  It was also a great spot to read her Bible and pray.

She headed over to the chips aisle and went straight for the barbecue corn chips.  Throw in her favorite drink and she had dinner.  She just needed a few more items and she would out of there and on her way home.

Teresa turned the corner and ran right into Tom.  She managed to hold onto to everything except her chips.  Tom quickly reached down to grab them and handed them back to her.  He laughed as he gave the chips to her.  Teresa had long thought that he was a nice guy, but she hadn’t really gotten to know him until serving on the search team.  Her feelings had been confirmed, as she had found him easy to talk to .  She hadn’t met many men like that, who also loved the Lord as Tom seemed to.  She had found herself thinking more than once that this was the kind of man she would like to spend more time with.

They chit chatted for a moment when a blonde walked around the corner.  She approached Tom with familiarity.

“Tom, will these be alright for dinner?’, the blonde asked, holding a couple of steaks.

Teresa’s heart sank.  Had she developed a crush on Tom without realizing it, only to have it wiped out in the grocery store?

Tom answered.  “Sure, those would be great.”  He continued on as though nothing had changed.

The blonde looked at Tom and then at Teresa.  She listened for a moment before she finally spoke up.

“Hi, my name is Allison.  It doesn’t look like Tom is going to introduce us.  I’m his sister and he must be ashamed of me.”  Allison smiled as she said this, clearly teasing Tom.  It seemed they had a good relationship.

Teresa felt a sense of relief, though she didn’t quite understand why given that she and Tom didn’t have anything more than a bit of a friendship.

“Hi, I’m Teresa.  Tom and I go to church together and we’re both on the pastor search team.”

“Wow!  Tom has told me about that.  Sounds like you guys have had a time with that.”

“It has definitely been interesting.”

“Teresa, you ought to come over for dinner.  I can grab another steak and we can put Tom to grilling them in a bit.  I would love to get to know Tom’s friends.  I worry about him a little bit, living away from here.  What do you say?”

Teresa looked at Allison and then at Tom.  She didn’t really know what to say.  She wasn’t used to making spur of the moment plans.  Maybe she was getting too settled in her life.  It would be fun, plus she would get to spend some time getting to know Tom outside the church.

Tom looked confused as well.  He looked at Allison and then back to Teresa.

“Sure,” he said with just a hint of hesitation.  “If you want to come over in about an hour, we should be ready to roll.”

Teresa looked at her baloney and then at the steaks Allison was holding.  That seemed like quite the upgrade on dinner for the night.

“Ok, that sounds like fun.  Let me buy my steak, though.”  She said this to Allison, unable to really look at Tom.

“Nonsense.  You’re our guest.  You just get your stuff home and come over.”  Allison beamed a smile that would light up any room.

Teresa smiled back. “Thanks.  Looks like I’m done for tonight then.  I’ll check out and see you guys a little later.”

Allison and Tom head back to the meat department, while Teresa headed to the register.  Betty was working tonight, as she unloaded her few items.  Betty rang up her and gave her the total.  She was taken aback a bit by what Betty said to her.

“That boy really likes you, Teresa.”

Teresa had to have had a shocked look on her face.  ‘What do you mean, Betty?”

Betty just laughed.  “Oh, it was easy to tell.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t talked you up to that sister of his.  His sister just took advantage of running into you to get you over to her brother’s house.  She’s trying to play a little matchmaker.  It might just work too.  How long have you liked him.”

Teresa blushed as she handed Betty a ten.  Betty gave her change back, still chuckling.

“Oh, Betty” was all Teresa said as she walked out the door.  She walked quickly to her car and got it.  Her heart was racing.  She realized that she might have to watch her speed limit as she headed home.

Teresa had to get ready for dinner.

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