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Resignation, Part 30

This is a weekly series of fiction.  You can find other chapters HERE at my Fiction page.

Dale Adkins looked at the church before getting out of his car.  He wasn’t sure what emotion he was feeling.  He had not interviewed with a church search committee in over a decade, only having interviewed for a couple of teaching positions since leaving the pulpit.  Academic committees were a bit different from those from a church.  He was nervous, for sure.

However, there was a sense of excitement as well.  Doug had been right.  He loved to teach, but he had missed being in the pulpit regularly.  He missed pastoring the people of a church.  He had tried to satisfy that desire by investing in the lives of his students.  He had probably gone far beyond the scope of most professors.  Maybe that was why he was rated highly in the annual surveys sent to the students by the college.

Dale knew that there were problems that the people of a congregation experienced that college kids didn’t, but the opposite was true as well.  He has always related well to those older than him when he had pastored.  Teaching had helped him stay in touch with those who were younger than him.

Dale stopped himself for a moment.  He was getting ahead of himself.  He was just interviewing for an interim position.  It was just going to be temporary, just a few months to help them through the transition to a new pastor.  He would benefit as well.  It would help him get back into the rhythm of the pastor’s life.  He would be able to use that time to seek the Lord in whether he would got back into the pastorate full-time or if some sort of pulpit ministry would simply supplement his teaching career.

Dale came to the door and entered.  He looked down the first hallway.  It was dark as only church hallway in the middle of the week could be.  He to this right and saw the path of light he would take.  He walked down past empty room after empty room.  It was like that in just about every church he had been in.  Buildings that were used a small percentage of the time.  Too often, church buildings were an inefficient use of real estate, used only a couple of days a week.

Dale came to the meeting room door.  He could hear voice on the other side.  He pause for a second to listen.  He could hear laughter, which he gauged as a good sign.  Too often these committees were composed of people who didn’t really mesh well.  A group of folks who were having a good time bode well for a relaxed meeting.

A short fleeting thought to turn around and leave shot through Dale’s mind.  Why bother with this?  He had it good at the college.  He was on track to gain more and more responsibility.  He was publishing articles and was on track to write a book soon.  He was able to preach as often as he wanted.  His pastor buddies were always asking him to fill in.  Did he really want to give that up?


Dale wasn’t going to walk away.  He knew that.  He was going into the interview.  He would talk to these folks and see where it went.  If the Lord led them both in this direction, then so be it.  If not, then that was good too.

Dale prayed a short prayer and opened the door.  Five head turned in his direction.  Four men and a woman.  All smiling.  “Well, here goes”, he thought.

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