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Guest Posting and Some Housekeeping

Today I’m not posting an actual post here on the blog.  I’m guest posting over at RandomlyChad’s.  Chad asked several of us if we would be interested in writing about anger.  I responded and, quite honestly, did not give Chad my best work.  I was afraid to really be honest and transparent about an issue I have been angry about.  I rewrote it and you can read about it over at Chad’s.  I’m not 100% over it, but I appreciate Chad giving me this chance to take a step toward healing.  It should be up over at Chad’s around 6 a.m. EDT.

Over the last several weeks, I have pulled back and not published a new post daily like I had done before.  I thought that this would help me write better posts.  What it actually has done is give me an excuse to not write as much.  I’m not sure I’m going back to posting everyday, but you will probably see more output from me going forward.

One of my co-workers on my team inspired me to write some more humorous posts.  I’m not sure that they will be knee-slappers, but I plan on having a semi-regular series called Hi-LARRY-ous soon.  I say semi-regular because I don’t know that I am capable of writing humor on a schedule.  When I have one that I think will fit into this blog, then I will write one.  I have a couple in mind.  Hopefully I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Finally, if you are on Facebo0k, you can follow this blog.  You can see how to do that over to the right.

You can also subscribe to this blog.  I don’t have a free gift to give you for doing either, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have something in mind in the future for all blog subscribers.

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