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How I Failed Forward Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I wrote a post that changed my life.

I didn’t intend for that to happen. It was an attempt to write a piece of satire. I wrote it, posted it and sat back to see what would happen.

It was,

by far, the most successful post that I had written to that point. Guess what? It was also my greatest failure as a writer and blogger.

Don’t go back and try to find it. It’s gone. I deleted it.

The problem is that no one got the satire. That’s probably because it wasn’t really funny. I wrote some things that bothered some folks. It affected somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen to two dozen people. And I now know I shouldn’t have written some of it.

Most of you would wonder if I learned an important lesson through this. Did I learn to watch what I write? Certainly. Did I learn to avoid certain subjects? Possibly. I’m not keen on trying satire any more. However, those are not the most important lessons that I learned.

What I learned most is that God is sovereign, even in the mistakes of our lives. In our sins and trespasses, He is putting us on the path where He wants us. I don’t fully understand that or claim to know how He does that, but I feel certain it is true.

In about two months, I will write a follow-up piece to this one. I will talk about another anniversary. Stay tuned until then.

Do you believe in God’s sovereignty, even in the “bad” things in your life?

  1. rickd3352013
    June 5, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    My history is replete with examples of where God has carried me over the worst times in my life. Yes – I believe in His sovereignty, in everything.

    • June 5, 2013 at 1:08 pm

      Isn’t amazing how even our failures dovetail into His plan?

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