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Resignation, Chapter 37

David walked into the meeting room.  Everyone else was already there except for Bill Johnson.  He and David had spoken earlier in the day.  He saw Fred sitting on one side of the table.  Tom and Teresa sat on the other together.  It seems like their relationship was starting to take off.  That was not something that he had even considered when they had started the team, but if they were happy, he glad.  Neither of them had ever seemed to be in a relationship that he had noticed.

David was surprised by what he saw at the end of the table.  Sitting there was Dale.  He was not scheduled to begin until Sunday, but it seemed that he had gotten a head-start in helping them out.  Inwardly, he just smiled.  He felt like they had turned the corner a bit in the direction they were heading.

“Dale, good to see you.  I’m a bit surprised.  You weren’t supposed to start until Sunday.”  David looked down the table to where Dale sat.

“I didn’t have a lot going on this week.  Plus, when I take a job, I like to get going.”  Dale just smiled as he twirled his pen in fingers.

“Fred, how are you doing?  I didn’t get a chance to talk to you Sunday.”  David almost always spent sometime before the service praying with Fred before the service.

“I was a little late.  Seems like I’m slowing down a bit these days.”  Fred dropped his head a bit.   David could tell that missing their prayer time before the service was bothering him, but aging was bothering him more.

“Tom.  Teresa.  How are you guys doing?”  They both looked up in unison, smiling, holding hands.

“Great!!!” They both chimed in unison.  David hoped that the slightly sickening part of the newness of their relationship would run its course quickly.

Fred spoke up at that point and the question David didn’t want to answer was asked.

“Has anyone heard from Bill?  He wasn’t as church, Sunday.”  David could see the concern on Fred’s face.  He wasn’t sure if that would have been there in quite the same way when they had started meeting together.

“Yeah, I spoke to him earlier.  He won’t be here.  He’s not been doing well over the past few days.”  David dropped his head a bit.  He didn’t say all that he knew, but he had told Bill he wouldn’t.

Dale looked up from his pad.  “Can you give me his number.  I’ll give him a call.  I would like to go by and see him.”

“Sure, I’ll give that to you after the meeting.  I”m sure he would appreciate hearing from you.  Let’s get this meeting going.  Dale, would you open us up in prayer.”

“Gladly.”  Everyone bowed their heads and Dale led them in a prayer.

“Now, that we have Dale here as our interim, we can focus on beginning our search for our permanent pastor.”  Everyone was looking at David as he began to speak.  “Fred, you’re really the only one that has done this before.  Where do you suggest we start.”

“Well, we have resume’s, right?  What we always did was just look at them, pare them down and then go listen to a few of them.  Then we would settle on one and bring him in to preach.  A couple of times we brought two or three in and went from there.”  Fred looked around at everyone as he spoke.

“Can I make a suggestion?”  Dale spoke up and everyone turned toward him.

“Sure, Dale.”  David was glad he was there.  He could help guide them as they began their process.  David was hoping that they would conduct their search in a way that the church had never searched before.

“I would say that you first need to determine what a Biblical pastor looks like.  Know what you should be looking for.  You aren’t going to find a perfect one, but you want to know what the standard is.”

“Then take a look at the guys who are interested in coming.  Try to find out why they are wanting to leave where they are.  Are they looking for a bigger church? Do they have problems going on at their current church?  I can help out with some of that.  I know plenty of people who would know.  Plus, I can call around to some folks I know and we might find someone who would fit here.  Finally, I would spend a lot of your meetings in prayer. Be in unity on this search.”

Everyone nodded their heads and looked at each other.

“Dale, I think you’re going to help us out quite a bit.”  Dale smiled as the team returned the smile back to him.

Dale spoke as they began to wrap up.  “Now, about Bill’s number.”



  1. June 29, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    Larry, my dad just started his 3rd interim pastoring assignment. I think he’s already had to start having some of these types of conversations with this new congregation. (By the way, love the story!)

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