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Resignation, Part 45

David walked into the meeting room. He was the first to arrive. Somehow he had beaten Fred McGinley. He wasn’t sure how that happened. Fred was one of those men who was so old school that you could never manage to out do him, even at his age. David hoped that there wasn’t anything wrong.

He arranged things around the table for the meeting. The past couple of weeks had been tough. With Bill Johnson’s funeral and being on the road the past couple of Sundays, David was feeling stretched. He was looking forward to things slowing down soon. Hopefully, they would nail it down soon and call a new pastor.

David heard a car drive up. “There’s Fred”, he thought. He would love to just sit down with Fred and discuss the last couple of weeks. He learned something from Fred every time he talked to him. He heard the door open, but was surprised to hear two sets of footsteps. That meant it was Tom and Teresa. At this point, he just wished they would get married and get it over with. It was almost sickening to see how much in love they were in. He remembered those days in his own life and smiled slightly.

The door opened and Teresa walked in. Tom held the door for her and followed behind. They both looked at the table and then back at David.

“We’re not the last one’s here?” Teresa said it with a bit of laugh, knowing that since she and Tom had gotten together that they had been later than usual. One was always picking the other one up and they were riding to the meetings together. Of course, it wasn’t any different for any other even in their lives. They were spending basically every moment outside of work and sleep together.

“No, I’m not sure where Fred is. I’m starting to get a little worried. Normally he beats me here. Let’s give him five minutes and then we’ll check on him. I’ve never known him to be late to anything.”

They all sat down and began to talk a bit. David got the impression that Tom’s and Teresa’s relationship was accelerating faster than normal. Maybe it was because they were a little older than the normal couple who begin dating. David got the idea that marriage was around the corner, but, then again, what did he really know. He knew when his anniversary was and had been celebrating for three decades. He remembered a little bit from when he was courting, but it all seemed like a distant blur now.

Finally, they all heard a car drive into the parking lot. The door opened and they heard the slow walk of someone older. They all breathed a sigh of relief when Fred McGinley walked in. None of them could think of anyone who disliked Fred or could even say a bad thing about him. He was one, if not the, most respected men in the entire church.

Fred had a bit of a grin on his face as he walked in. He looked a bit more disheveled than normal. He walked in nodding to everyone and sat down.

“Sorry I’m late. I ran into a little bit of a problem. My battery was dead on the car. Used to, I would have just gotten the other car and jumped it off, but since I don’t really need two cars, I had sold the other one. I had to walk to the barn and get the tractor. It took me a little longer to do that than it used to.” Fred sat back.

Everyone just kind of looked at Fred and shook their heads. Each of them had various thoughts rolling around in their heads about Fred’s adventure. David wondered what would have happened if Fred had gotten hurt in the barn. Tom wondered why Fred still had the farm at his age. He couldn’t farm like he used to, so why was he hanging on to it? Teresa wondered if she would have even thought of using a tractor to jump off her car. Finally, David spoke up.

“Well, we’re glad you’re alright. We were starting to get worried about you. We might have come looking for you if you hadn’t shown up.” He said this with a smile to let Fred know that they cared about him. Fred just knowingly smiled back.

“Well, let’s get down to business. We’ve gone out and listed to our two top choices preach. The next step is to see if we want to interview them. I’ve got the two resumes in order for you there. Let’s look at the first one.”

They all looked at the first resume. Tom was the first to speak.

“I honestly didn’t like his preaching style. He came across as a know-it all. He had a very sarcastic sense of humor from the pulpit. I like some humor sprinkled in, but his had a bite to it that I’m afraid would wear on us after a while.”

David nodded. “Thanks for that opinion, Tom. That’s a lot of how I felt. Anyone else?”

“There was something else about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Something else is going on with him. I don’t know if that’s just intuition, the Holy Spirit warning me or both. I’m just afraid of this one.”

David smiled. “I think the Lord is definitely trying to get our attention. How did you feel about him Fred?”

Fred didn’t miss a beat. “Snake oil salesman. That was the feeling I got the entire time we heard him preach. We need to back off of this one.”

David loved the fact that they were all in agreement. “Well, let’s move on. Sounds like we all feel the same way on this one. How about our second candidate.”

Fred spoke up quickly. “Do you care if I shoot this one down quickly? He would definitely appeal to my generation. The problem is, he wouldn’t appeal to all the generation in the church. Honestly, he would make me go to sleep and at my age, I don’t have enough time left to sleep in church. I say pass.”

David was a bit surprised at that. He thought Fred would be for Number Two and the others would not.

Teresa spoke up. “He reminds me of my grandpa. I love my grandpa, but, no offense Fred, I don’t want him to be my pastor.”

Fred grinned. “I know your grandpa, Teresa. No offense taken. I wouldn’t want him to be my pastor either.” They all chuckled a bit at that one.

Tom spoke up. “It sounds like we’re back to square one. I wish Dale was here to give us some suggestions. Where is he anyway?”

“He had some visits at the hospital and the nursing home to make. He said that he was also working on some messages that, as he put it, he hoped to preach to us. He felt that he would be doing more good by not coming to the meeting.” David agreed with Tom in his thoughts that he wished Dale was there to make a suggestion. They really didn’t have any more resumes to look at.

“Sounds like we need a guy like Dale to be our pastor….”Tom stopped in mid-sentence and looked around at everyone. They all looked back. Teresa was the first to speak.

“You guys don’t really think that, do you?”

Tom looked at her. “I’ve heard crazier ideas.”

David just smiled. “What about you, Fred?”

Fred looked around at all of them. “Schedule the interview. Just don’t tell him it’s an interview. Let’s see how he really feels about it when it’s unexpected.”

David spoke up. “Sounds great. Let’s close in prayer.”

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  1. September 7, 2013 at 11:47 am

    I’m confused. Did Dale show up at the end of the meeting? Or did the character names just get mixed up?

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