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Resignation, Part 47

This is an ongoing fiction series I have been writing for the past year.  You can find the other installments HERE.

The sun wasn’t up yet, but Dan was, as was normal.  He flipped open his Bible to where his Our Daily Bread led him.  He read the devotional, leaned back and chewed on it for a few minutes.  He had been following this same routine for, well, as long as he could remember.  He would spend more time in some real study later, but he simply liked to begin his day with something easy that would point him to the Lord.

Dan closed his Bible and shut his eyes.  He just mulled over the scripture he had read for another moment.  Then his mind drifted to the matter at hand.  The church needed a pastor.  Not just an interim pastor.  Someone who wasn’t just a fill in while they waited for the search to be over.  The team had decided on presenting someone to the church.  All that they needed to do was stand before them when the service was over today.  Dan began to pray.

“Lord, You have led us to his point.  We have trusted You in this matter.  We are in agreement.  The man we feel You have chosen has agreed.  I just pray that the church will accept this.  We know there will be some opposition.  I just ask you to handle it.  We know that we can only explain our process.  You are sovereign and we trust that this is your will.  Be with us as we stand before Your people today.”


Fred had been up for hours.  He didn’t sleep long anymore.  A few hours here.  A few hours there.  Hardly ever more than four hours at a time.  He chuckled that it gave him time to read the Bible and pray.  Sometimes he took out the church directory and just prayed for church members.  He would look at the pictures and see generations of people he had watched grow up.  He knew that his time was shorter than it once was.  Some days he yearned to go on home.  he wasn’t afraid to die, but he didn’t care much for the dying part.

Fred sat in this recliner.  in earlier years he would have spent his time praying on his knees.  He could have probably gotten down, but he wasn’t sure that he could get up anymore.  He leaned back and closed his eyes.  He began to pray as he did several times each day from this same spot.

“Lord, I pray for Dan, Tom and Teresa.  This is a big day for all of us..  Our time serving you on this team is growing short.  I praise you for this time that we have spent together getting to know each other.  Most of all, though, I praise you for getting to know you in a greater way through this process.  I have seen again that You lead your people.  Just like the Israelites followed You into the Promised Land, we follow you into this new time for our church.  Thank you, Lord, for your goodness.”


Teresa paused between her shower and the time she took to get ready.  She preferred to get ready before she did her Bible study and prayer.  Her mind was clearer and she felt like she could really dig in and talk to the Lord.  Plus, she had drunk some coffee by that point.  She wondered what Tom was doing, but resisted the urge to text him.  She would see him soon enough when he came by to pick her up for church.  She thought back to how many years she had made that trip alone.  The last few weeks had been fun with Tom picking her up.  She couldn’t imagine when they would be waking up together and getting ready for church.  Things were speeding toward that day.

“Lord, thank you for Tom.  I’m not sure why you brought him into my life when you did, but I’m thankful for that.  I’m glad to have him standing with me today.  I trust that you’ve got this.  We know that some people won’t like it.  I just pray for unity in the church.  I pray that this is your man for this time. ”

Teresa picked up her phone and began typing.  “Good morning.  I hope your day is starting out well.  See you soon.  Love you.”


Tom rolled out of bed when he heard the phone buzzing.  He scratched his head as he walked toward the kitchen.  He had slept in just a little longer than usual.  He read the text as he walked.  Teresa was already up and at it.  He wondered if she would be up before him once they were married.  He figured that life would settle down a bit.  He wouldn’t have to drop her off and drive home anymore.  He wouldn’t even leave.  He could just go to bed.  Now, it took him a bit to wind down.

He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a Diet Mountain Dew.  Teresa had tried to get him to try coffee, but it wasn’t any better than it was when he had tried to drink it when he was younger.  Anything he had to develop a taste for wasn’t what he wanted to drink.

He took a sip out of the bottle and leaned against the door facing of his kitchen. “Lord, I don’t know how we’ll make it through this day without You.  You have been so good to us throughout this process.  Now, we’re about to turn it over to the church.  We believe this is Your man.  We know it.  We just pray that the church knows it.  Go before us.  Turn everyone’s hearts to this.  Your word says that You can do that to kings.  We aren’t royalty, so we know you can do that to us as well.  Be with Teresa.  Calm any anxiety she had today.  Thank you, Lord, for that woman.”

Tom turned toward the bathroom and the shower.  He was going to have to hurry so that he wasn’t late to Teresa’s house.


Dale had been awake for a bit.  He had read some Psalms to calm his nerves.  He had turned to the Gospels.  Finally, he landed at his scripture for his sermon.  He had looked over his notes a couple of times and made a couple of minor changes.  He felt good about the sermon.  Just the normal nervousness that he felt before speaking.  He knew, now, that feeling would never go away.  In fact, he would be afraid if it wasn’t there.  He wasn’t nervous about standing in front of the crowd.  He was nervous about handling God’s word.

Finally, Dale returned to prayer.  He had prayed off and on all morning.  Today was a big day in the church’s life.

“Lord, I have grown to love these people.  Today, the search team will make their recommendation for the pastor vote.  I just trust that You will guide the people’s hearts.  Those that will oppose this vote, I turn them over to You.  You can handle this.  We can’t.  I pray that this is the right move.  I trust that the team sought your will in this.  I pray that I have.”

Dale closed his Bible and headed to the bathroom.  It was time to get ready.

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