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Resignation, Part 49

Dale had been sitting in his office for about an hour.  He had arrived early to get some material together and take care of a few other items before the appointment began.  This was one part of the pastoral role he definitely had not performed in while.  He was a bit nervous, maybe more so than he had been in a while.

After he had everything together the way he wanted, Dale just sat there watching he clock.  He didn’t have time to get into anything else, but had too much time before they got there.  He prayed a bit, then opened up his Bible and read for a few minutes.  He was far ahead of his Bible Reading Plan that he had committed to this year.  He knew all of that reading  didn’t do anything for him in regards to where he would be for eternity, but it helped him know the Lord.  At least, he knew Him better than he did earlier in life.  He couldn’t wait to actually see Him someday.

Dale stood up and began pacing.  He was definitely not good at waiting.  That was one good thing about teaching.  He never had to wait.  In fact, it was usually him and his colleagues that kept the college kids waiting.  He didn’t do it on purpose, though he couldn’t speak for some of the other professors who might want to jerk a few students around here or there.

Soon Dale hear the squeak of brakes as a car entered the parking lot.  At last they were here.  He was glad it was them for his first time in years.  He hadn’t really ever gotten used to these things.  He just tried to do his part and get out-of-the-way.  It really wasn’t about him anyway.  In fact, it was never about any preacher that he knew of.  If it was, then he knew that he had someone who needed to talk to.

After just a few moments he heard the side door open up.  The familiar Ding Dong went off.  Dale had grown used to it.  By this point it was not something he thought worth changing, but eventually he wanted something a bit more hospitable and welcoming.

Dale continued pacing, but moved over closer the door so he could open it when they got there.  He didn’t want to waste time.  The older he got, the more he realized that he didn’t want to waste any of the time the Lord had given him.  Some around seemed adept at that, but he wanted to work and schedule his work so that he was able to spend more time with his family and with the few fun hobbies that he had developed a passion for.

Finally, Dale heard a knock at the door.  A couple of muffled voices and then another knock.  Dale surprised them by opening the door and inviting them in.  Standing in the hall stood Tom and Teresa, hand in hand.  Tom sprang back a bit, caught off guard by the door quickly opening.  Teresa just smiled and continued going about the business at hand.

Tom and Teresa were there for their premarital counseling.

Dale invited them to sit on the couch while he pulled up a chair.  He sat down and smiled at them.  Teresa smiled back.  She seemed almost giddy with excitement.  Tom, however, seemed just a tad more nervous.  Dale thought back to his own time before his wedding and believed he understood.

“So, you guys want to get married, huh?”  Dale just grinned back, wondering what their reactions would be.

“We sure do!!!”  Teresa was definitely floating.  She seemed to be the one who wanted to do the talking.

“How about you, Tom?  Are you wanting to get married too?”  Dale sat back to watch Tom’s reaction.

Tom looked up with a much more serious look than Teresa had.  Dale wondered where Tom was heading as he began to speak.

“I’ve never wanted anything more than I’ve wanted to marry Teresa.  I’ve been waiting for this for most of my adult life, if  not my entire life.  I want to marry Teresa and live with her the rest of my life.”

Dale watched as Tom said all of this.  He could tell that he truly wanted to marry her and  not just agreeing because that was what she wanted to hear.

“Let me ask you guys another question.  What role has the Lord made in your relationship and will he make going forward?”

Tom and Teresa looked at each other.  They smiled lovingly and knowingly at each other.

Tom looked at Dale.  “We believe that the Lord has guided us all of our lives to this point.  He kept us out of plenty of relationships that wouldn’t have honored Him.  We are already spending time both individually and together praying and seeking Him.”

Dale looked at his pad.  He had picked a few questions out of his normal to ask them.

“How about finances?  How will you handle them?”

“I’ll take this one.”  Teresa looked back and forth between both of them.  “We are both debt averse.  The only debt we currently have are out houses.  I’m about to sell mine.  We’re going to live in Tom’s for a bit, then sell his to buy our own house.  We shouldn’t have to borrow much.  Neither of us have a credit card.  We are currently giving fifteen percent of our income away and are shooting for twenty.”

Dale nodded.  He had never counseled anyone with answers like these two.  This was the easiest counseling session he had ever had.

“That’s awesome.  I really don’t have many more questions.  I’ve going to do this wedding if the last few answers come back okay.  These are a little bit more personal and may make you feel uncomfortable.  Are you guys okay with that?”

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