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What Signs Do You Need?

One day recently I was walking through the cafeteria where I work.  I was on my way back to my workstation when I looked up at one of the TV’s mounted in that break area.  One TV is always tuned in to CNN, the other to Fox News.  I’m not sure which channel it was on, though if I had to guess it was Fox.  A story caught my eye and I paused for just a second to see what was going on.

The story that was being discussed was the search for methane on Mars.  I don’t really keep up with space exploration, but I suppose there is still a rover on the Red Planet.  I came in on the story about halfway through, so I’m just guessing, but I suppose that evidence of methane on Mars would be some key indicator about the possibility of life outside of our little ball of dirt flying through the Milky Way.

What really nailed me when considering this story is how this search for life in other parts of the universe now is not terribly different from many of the things we have done throughout history.  We are searching for something beyond ourselves.  We want there to be something more.  We want a ship of aliens to land that flashes strange lights and plays weird spacey music.  We want to eat Reese’s Pieces with an ugly creature that can make a bicycle fly.  We long for stories from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  We want to boldly go where no man has gone before.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be looking forward to new Star Wars and Star Trek movies every few years.

The Jews in Jesus’ day were like this.  They asked Him for signs.  They were waiting on the Messiah.  A Messiah that they had created in their own image.  One who would be born their kind of king.  A leader who would take up a sword, ride a white horse and lead them to victory and freedom from the Romans.  Someone bigger and greater than them.

So they asked for these signs.  Jesus’ response?  He refused to give them signs.  He told them that they knew how to read the skies, but couldn’t read the plain evidence in front of them.  He called them out, basically saying that they knew their scriptures, but failed to see what it had to say.

Jesus instead preaching about a repentance that leads to forgiveness.  He told stories about things the common folks understood to teach them what the religious leaders couldn’t.  He healed the blind, deaf, mute and sick.  He raised the dead.  He died on the cross and rose again on the third day.

He came from a place far, far away so that He could boldly take us where man had never been before.

What other signs did the Jews need?

What signs do we need?

What signs do you need?

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