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A New Family Is Created

I have a good friend whose life changed the other day.  Let’s call him David since that’s his name.

David and his wife recently adopted a young man into their family.  They had been foster parents to this little fellow for a couple of years.  Since he is about three, they are about all he knows as far as family.

He has slowly become part of this family over these years that they have had him.  It was culminated by the legal declaration that he was permanently part of this family who he was already permanently in the hearts of.  With it came a new name and a new start to life.  The old life had passed away.  The new life had come.

A new family was created.


Just over a year ago we began attending a new church.  For a year we have been faithful attending.  Slowly, but surely, we have grown within the body.  We have had new opportunities.  We have met new people and made new friends.

We recently had the chance to go through our church’s covenant class.  Basically, we and the church agree to stick together.  It’s a formal agreement, much like the covenants you find in the Bible.

Our church as a plan to do this as often as people want to covenant with the church.  It’s a new start to life within this church body.  The old life has passed away.  The new life has come.

A new family is created.


God sent His Son to this earth to seek and save the lost.  For those who had been born, which surprisingly is all of us, He said that we must be born again.  We are called to believe and repent.  We are told to believe and be baptized.  We are justified by faith.  We are transformed by the renewing of our mind.  The old has passed away.  The new has come.

A new family is created.

Have you become part of the new family?  

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