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The Immediacy of God

Yesterday I wrote about God’s patience.  He is patient beyond what we can imagine, yet when He sends the Spirit into our lives the fruit includes patience.  Not just any patience.  His patience.

However, when God is ready to act, He acts.  He doesn’t hesitate.  When it’s go time, it’s time to go.

We can see this in how God approached things with the Israelites coming out of Egypt.  He took them the long way.  Instead of taking them the short cut to  the Promised Land, He took them through a sea.  Literally.  Then they meandered through the wilderness for a while.  Finally, when it was time to enter the land of milk and honey, God said go.  Now.  It’s time to go.  What did Israel do?

They hesitated.  They didn’t immediately go.  The result?  They wandered for forty years while those that hesitated died.  They didn’t hesitate the next time.

When we read the Gospel of Mark, we can see this in the actions of Jesus.  Don’t just read what Mark writes without catching how writes.  Immediately shows up a lot.  Jesus does a lot of things IMMEDIATELY.

Perhaps an even better example of this is found in Luke.  Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, gets sick and dies.  Jesus gets word of this.  You would think he would rush to Martha’s and Mary’s side.  Instead, He pauses.  He waits.  Then when it’s time, He says “Let’s go, boys.”  Why?  Why does Jesus take his time only to immediately go into action when you least expect Him.

Why does God take a group of stubborn people on a wandering journey only to bring them to point where they will hesitate and have to wander another forty years?

Why does He confound us by not showing up when we expect only to come out of nowhere just when we are about to lose hope and give up?

I believe Jesus gives us a clue during that story of Lazarus.  He says something important when initial word of Lazarus’ sickness reaches him.  He says, “This sickness is not to end in death, but for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified in it.”

Jesus pauses.  He is patient.  Then when it’s time, it’s time.  Why?  For God’s glory.

That is one of the hardest things for me to grasp.  I continually struggle to wrap my mind around this.  But I know it’s true.  And I don’t quit working at it.

God does things in His time, but when it’s time, it happens.  The immediacy of God is something that I haven’t got hold of yet, and sometimes don’t like.  But I know that it’s better than anything I can do in my own time.

Do you ever struggle with the immediacy of God?

  1. December 8, 2013 at 12:41 am

    Good thoughts brother. I probably am more patience in some ways now that I am older. Yet just recently I wish He would tell me His plans for us, NOW. I am wanting Him to leave me to nest where we are but another move is in the works. When the process started of selling the condo that we rent I lost patience with God. Thanks God is long suffering.

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