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Is Jesus Your Passion?

The question of the day:  Is Jesus your passion?

Most of you who continue to visit this site are followers of Christ.  We say that we follow say that He is our focus in life.  We say that we love Him.

But is He really our passion?

What would happen if everything was taken from us?  What if we lost our jobs and all of our possessions?  Would we still claim Christ as our Savior?  Would we continue to follow Him?

Jesus had a lot of tough things to say.  His teachings were hard.  Even though his yoke was light and burden easy, following was not an easy life.  In John 6:66 we can see the result of this kind of life.

Many disciples withdrew from walking and following Him.  Obviously Jesus was not their passion.  It may have been all of the things they thought they would get because of and through Christ.  He Himself was not their passion.

I hope we understand a few things.

You and I were not born Christians.  Just because Mom and Dad took us to church and Sunday school does not mean that we are Christian.  It doesn’t mean we follow Christ.  We are born again Christian.

You and I do not grow up Christian.  Once we are born again, we grow up in Christ.  We just don’t grow up Christian.

We come to a point where we have to make a choice.  Is Jesus going to be our passion?  Is He everything to us?

Will we still walk with Him when things are going bad?  Will we be like Peter and ask where we would go because He has the words of eternal life?  Will we be following Him when everything else is taken away from us?

Is Jesus enough or do we want Jesus plus something?

Are you willing to give it all up for Jesus?

Is Jesus your passion?


  1. January 7, 2014 at 11:24 am

    i want Jesus to be my passion. one of my goals for The Great Adventure is to totally be renewed and “to fall in love with Jesus” all over again.

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