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Mixed Messages

Just over a couple of years ago I left a church.  I had been miserable for some time.  I could go into a lot of reasons, many of which I can trace squarely back to myself.  However, there was one specific reason that really bothered me.

I kept getting a mixed message.

What I kept hearing was the usual message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I heard about how Christ died on the cross for us.  I heard about what Christ had done for all of us.  But that’s not all.

I heard about what I needed to do  for the Lord.  I needed to keep God’s law.  I heard about how the Ten Commandments were principles for powerful living.

These mixed messages kept driving me crazy.

I remember that one of the things I heard was that Jesus didn’t come to abolish the Law.  He came to fulfill it.  The mixed message that came across was that even though He had fulfilled it, I had to continue to keep it.

It really didn’t sound much different to me than the message Paul was fighting in his epistle to the Galatians.  It was a message that mixed the Gospel and the Law, resulting in no Gospel at all.


I wonder how often we do that with our lives.  How often do we send a mixed message to the world?

We go to church.  We ascribe to a certain morality in our lives.  We might even espouse certain political notions that we weave into this life of faith that we promote.

The problem is that too often those around us who know us best see right through us.  I know.  I face it as much, if not more, than anyone else.

Let’s pause for a minute.  Let’s face the mixed messages in our lives.  Let’s face the mixed messages we send out to the world.

Let’s stop the mixed messages.

Do you ever hear mixed messages?  Do you send out mixed messages?

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