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Who My Posts Are Really About

It’s taken me about five years to figure out what I’m going to tell you today.  Brace yourself.  You aren’t going to believe me at first.  Here goes anyway.

This post is not about me.  It’s about you.

I’ve mentioned this several times over the past few weeks, but when I first began writing, it was all about me.  How can I get things off my chest?  How can I prove how smart I am or how much I know?

I wondered for a long time how I could gain more followers.  How would my stats look from day-to-day or hour to hour?  How’s the traffic?

How can I become famous?

Here’s the thing.  I’ve known for a while that it’s not about me.

That’s right, like I said earlier, it’s about you.

Sure, I normally write about faith and the journey I’m on.  However, there have been a couple of blog posts recently that helped bring this into better focus for me.

One was this one from Seth Godin.  It helped me see that whether I’m speaking publicly or writing a blog post, it isn’t about me.  It’s about how which activity is helping my audience.   Perhaps that helps me see why certain posts or sermons “work” over the ones that I think are good.  Simply giving folks information is not enough.  Taking them with you on a journey is what they really want.

The other was this one from my friend, Jon Acuff.  Here Jon writes about how speakers need to spend some time on their closing.  This makes sense.  If I want you to join me in the journey, then I ought to know where we’re going.

Imagine that.  If I’m going on a trip, and want you to read about it, it’s not just about me on my trip.  It’s about how you can relate to me as I travel on the way toward my destination.  But, you also need to know where I’m headed.  Otherwise, how will we know when we get there?

So, many of you have joined me on my journey so far.  You’ve seen me at my worst, when I railed and spoke indiscriminately about what I love.  You’ve seen far too few glimpses of me at my best.  What’s next?

I want to invite you to join me on this journey as I head toward the Light that I am trying to reflect on a daily basis.  I might fall, but with you along to pick me up, I stand a better chance of making it.  My hope is that I can pick you up daily as well as we travel together.

Who is your message about?

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  1. February 11, 2014 at 5:35 am

    I’m willing to join you Larry. I would like to think my posts are about me…and others…and bringing Jesus into a clearer perspective in our lives.

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