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A Pregnant Wife And A Favorite Songbird

In 1994, Jan was very pregnant with Lauren, just over six months in July.  We weren’t going to be able to vacation that year, so we planned a short getaway before October brought us a precious gift.  Boone, N.C. was our destination.  A concert was to be the pinnacle.

We took the long way because, to my recollection, there was no easy way to get to Boone from where we lived.  We traveled to Elizabethton, TN first to see the Carter Mansion.

I had heard of this manse all of my life, but had never seen it.  It seemed to have been built by some long forgotten ancestor of mine.  John and Elizabeth Carter had lived there. The anticipation mounted as we approached our first leg of the journey.  What we found was that a mansion in the 18th century is different from a mansion today.

Next, we stopped at a roadside park for a picnic lunch.  I don’t recall exactly what we ate, but whatever it was, it was delicious.  A sandwich on a picnic by a river or lake always tastes better than it does at home.

We crossed a mountain on a two-lane road and took our time heading into Boone.  We found our motel and checked in before we set out for dinner.  I think we turned in early, as wives who are expecting tend to tire easily.  Looking forward to the next day, we drifted off to sleep enjoying our trip.

Two things were on our agenda for the next day before our concert.  We visited Mast General Store, amazed at all of the various products they traded in.  This doesn’t seem like such a big deal now, with Knoxville having its own, but at that time it was not a hop, skip and jump to this kind of store.

Later that afternoon, we drove up the mountain to Blowing Rock.  We learned the legend of the Rock and then headed back down to get ready for the concert.

At last, the time arrive, the reason we had made the trip.  We went to see Emmylou Harris for the second time in our marriage, the first being a year before during our first year of marriage.  Emmylou had become a favorite of ours and we looked forward to seeing her again.

We listened as Emmylou played many of her old favorites.  A young woman in a short dress and a snake tattoo encircling her leg danced in front of us.  The crowd was a mixture of old Country music fans and young hippies.  We were all joined in our celebration of the music that thrilled our souls.

Something odd happened next, something that has stood out to me for almost twenty years.  Emmylou mentioned that while she loved playing the old songs, she also loved playing the new.  A man yelled out to forget the new stuff.  All he wanted to hear was the old favorites that he had loved before.  He was not interested at all in hearing anything new.

The significance of that moment didn’t stand out to me until a few years ago.  At that point, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

We can all be like that man.  Wanting to cling to the old, the tradition with no room for anything new to enter our lives.  We can all be so caught up in what we are familiar with that we can’t see the amazing possibilities that lie before us.

Sometimes, even those that come with a pregnant wife and a favorite songbird.

Have you ever clung to the old while missing out on the new?

  1. February 13, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Great point brother…great question. One of the issues we had to face was the old missionary ways meeting the new missionary ways overseas. The young one fresh out of training, armed with up to date methods, timelines and so many new ideas it was us older ones who had to learn to be flexible. It was a leaning on the Lord constantly to help young and old realize their message was the same, and both ages were too valuable to lose in the reaching the lost. We are still in the same place but dealing more with the younger missionaries coming home for first furlough, listening to their perception of what burned them out and who fault it was. One thing we tried to do was direct them back to the Word, which say there is nothing new under the sun. The battles the young face are the world , the flesh the devil. With the older ones we encourage them to be long suffering with the young, God knows we need them to carry on the work. It fine to have our preferences but it’s God like to allow difference preference the same grace we want given to us. Both young and old have so much to give in the Kingdom of God and the enemy hates it when we learn to work together. Great post.

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