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What’s The Point Of Prayer?

There are days that I sit down to my keyboard and begin to write.  I have an idea that I want to push through to create a post.  I have an idea that I love and I want to get it down.

So I go to work.  I write one hundred, perhaps half more of that, and then it stops.  There are no more words.  It’s as though I have been headed down a clear path only to find myself facing an insurmountable obstacle.  I can go no further.  No matter how hard I try or how much I want to , I can’t scale that wall.

I turn back to where I came from.  Other paths are there to take, other options that might lead me to my destination.  Some trails peter out quickly.  Others let me meander along to the point I don’t know where I am any longer.  Some how I manage to get back to the trail head, retracing my steps to where I was.


It doesn’t just happen with my words that I try to type.  It happens with my prayers as well.  I will run down shorts paths, long ones, twisty trails.  Some are as bright as day.  Still others are as dark as night.  Sometimes all I know to do is cry out.

What’s the point?

The Bible assumes we will pray.  The Lord says we will.  He says, “When we pray” do it like this and like that.  We are  made to pray.


At some point I realize what the point it.  It isn’t easy.  No lightning bolt strikes.  No writing is seen on the wall.  It’s just a small feeling, not even a voice.  It tells me He has been there all along.

The post I write?  It isn’t about making sure that I have another piece to publish.  It’s about Him.  It’s about  knowing Him in a new way each day, something that draws me closer to Him, something to share with others that will declare Him.

Prayer?  It mirrors this.  It isn’t about who or what you pray to or for.  It isn’t about how your words find themselves stuck to the ceiling one day or flying to the stars the next.  Our prayers are about Jesus and the relationship He brings.  It’s about drawing near to God to see Him draw near to you.

What the point?

That’s the point?

What do you think the point of prayer is?

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  1. February 26, 2014 at 9:58 am

    That is the point. I just wish that I didn’t wait to do that when my world fell apart. I pray every day, but when there is a need I really pray. Shouldn’t be that way.

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