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Have You Been Enlightened?

I am not much of an Enlightenment scholar.  I know that it was a time of great change throughout Europe and affected almost all phases of life.

As I understand it, those leading the charge of the Enlightenment had one goal in mind.  They wanted to replace authority and tradition with reason and self-sufficiency.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not against reason.  I am not against self-sufficiency.  The problem is that for those pushing those ideals, it was and either/or prospect.  You had to adhere to one or the other.

Descartes is famous for being part of the Enlightenment.  We probably know him best for one thing that he said: “I think therefore I am.”

God told Moses when He appeared to him through the burning bush, “I AM THAT I AM.”

I’m not sure of Descartes intentions, but in a sense I think he was saying that, since he had become enlightened, that he was his own god.

The funny thing is that it reminds me a lot of what happened with Eve and the serpent.  The serpent told Eve that she would be like God if she ate the fruit.  Basically, he told her she could remain like she was or she could be enlightened to be like God.

I don’t know if Descartes or any of the Enlightenment folks gave much thought to this idea, but it seems like they were just replaying Eve’s original sin out again and again.  They were pushing God aside and making themselves and their ideas their gods and idols.

It has been played out over and over.  That’s what those building the Tower of Babel did.  How about Nebuchadnezzar or any number of Babylonian kings?  Rome’s Caesars declared themselves to be worshipped as gods.  This problem keeps being a problem throughout history.

The problem is that there was no true Enlightenment.  Did people know more?  Perhaps, but we have thousands of years worth of information at our fingertips.  It does not mean that we have been enlightened.

Without Christ, our minds are dark and hardened.  Our minds need to be renewed and enlightened.

Fortunately, Jesus is the Light.  Where our minds and hearts are closed in darkness, He will open them with not just any light.  He will open them with His Light.

He will enlighten the eyes of our heart.  We must remember that He is the God who said, “Let there be light” and there was light.  He shines His Light into our hearts and takes the blind and makes them see.

Some things improved during the Enlightenment.  Man did not.  The only thing that will change man’s state is receiving the true enlightenment from God.

Have  you been enlightened?

  1. March 6, 2014 at 8:17 am

    yes, in the right Light.

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