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You Are An Artist

I want to help you understand something.  I want to clue you into something very important.  You may not believe me.  I didn’t know this until just the last few years.  Indeed, it is still difficult for me to grasp this idea.

You are an artist.


The other day I was watching a sandwich artist make my dinner.  I had dropped Jan off at the mall where Lauren, our daughter, works.  She wanted to do some shopping and they would just come home together.  My job was to pick up Andrew at my in-law’s, as well as our supper.

The young man behind the counter sliced the bread just right.  He stacked the vegetables just so and put the meat in perfectly.  He wrapped the sandwich perfectly when he was finished.

It was art.

Here’s the secret, though.  It wasn’t the first time he had done this.  It had come after many hours of practice.


Maybe you think it’s silly to consider making sub sandwiches art.  Take any other job or task.  Watch someone who is really good at it.  My father-in-law, for example, can look at any nut that fits a bolt and tell me what size it is.  How?  He practiced an art for so many years that he can see things that the rest of us can’t.

Take anything you do.  It may be a hobby or avocation.  Do it enough and it really becomes an art to you.


What does that have to do with a blog that is normally about faith?  Everything.

Do you pray?  Most of us do.  However, have you heard some people pray?  Their prayers are art.  I’m not talking about using flowery speech that sounds as though someone is trying to impress the audience and the Lord.  I’m talking about those prayers where you can tell someone has practiced being in the presence of the Lord.

How about the ladies who keep the babies in the nursery?  You know the ones, those that can calm just about any baby down.  They’re almost baby whisperers.  They love babies so much that they just seem to be able to say and do the right thing to keep them from crying.

All of this is art.

There is something you do that is art too.  Something that you want to practice every chance you get.  Something that you can use to glorify the Lord.

Something that makes you an artist.

What is your art?

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