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Getting Your Bibles Dirty

A few months ago, Andrew and I went to a football game.  We were looking forward to getting home as quickly as possible.  Alas, when we got to the truck, it was not to be.

We had a flat tire.

I was parked on a slant, so I had to move the truck to a flat spot and we got busy changing the tire.  Andrew had never really changed  a flat tire, so he gained some valuable experience helping me.

When we finished, we left for home.  Everything was good except for one thing.

My hands were dirty.

Later I was talking to someone I know about my experience.  This person said that they and their spouse never changed a flat themselves.  They always call Triple A.

I don’t think it’s their intention, but they never get their hands dirty when it comes to flat tires.


I think the Pharisees would have called Triple A to make sure that they never got their hands dirty.  They truly seemed to think that their righteousness could be demonstrated by how clean they kept their hands clean.

Jesus had another idea.  He taught that our righteousness was about how clean our hearts are.


I wonder about that sort thing when I see some Bibles.  They look as clean and perfect as the day they were bought.

Other Bibles show their use.  They are worn.  Their pages are marked up.  They automatically open up to certain passages.

These people have taken the time to get their Bibles dirty.


You and I can’t say for sure that who is righteous by looking at their hands, their hearts or their Bibles.  We have to examine the evidence of what we have in hand.

Out of the mouth proceeds what is in the heart.  If I follow you and listen to your speech for a day, I might have a pretty good idea.

I believe that I will have a decent idea if I take a look at your Bible.  Is it clean or is it dirty?

Is your Bible worn or is it perfect?

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  1. March 24, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Great tie in Larry. I like to see used Bibles. I like to say I wore out a few from use. But more importantly is what you said: they are dirty and worn out in our lives.

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