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Too Much Grace

One of the things that I have noticed as I observe people is that they have little grace.

I suppose that isn’t exactly a true statement.  People are very selective about who they extend grace to.  Some they will give grace to no matter what, all day long.  Others, they want to go Old Testament on them, eye for eye and tooth for tooth.  Maybe even more.

And not just people. I’m talking about me as much, if not more, as anyone.

Imagine that you have a loved one murdered.  It was brutal.  Perhaps one of the most inhumane things of which you have ever heard.

You have two choices.  One is that you can let it consume you.  You can go the to trial of the perpetrator and sit through it in a rage.  You can let the world see your hurt and your disgust.  You can rail against the murderer every chance you get in every forum possible.

You can do that and the world will cheer you on.


You can make the other choice.  You can trust the Lord.  You can take that hurt and rage to Him.  You might have to do that every day for the rest of  your life.  You can believe God’s promises.  You can take the hard road.  You can choose to forgive the murderer, maybe even communicate that to them.

The world will think you’re a fool.


Because it’s too much grace.

We all want grace.  We want the forgiveness that grace promises.  Yet, when it comes to forgiving others, we aren’t as eager to extend that grace.  We make excuses as to why, most of them legitimate sounding.

Yet what would God have us to do?

Don’t misunderstand anything I am saying.  I’m not talking about giving people free passes through the justice system or anything like that.  If someone commits a crime, then they must face society’s penalties.

What I’m taking about is personal grace.  I mean that we should be pursuing a relationship with God through Christ that moves toward becoming more like Him everyday.

Sinclair Ferguson said the following:

There is more grace in the Lord than there is sin in you.

I couldn’t agree more.  God has so much grace that he sent His Son to rescue His rebellious children.  We had joined the enemy, consorted with them, gone native so to speak.

We deserved death.  That’s what the wages of our rebellion truly is.

Yet, He doesn’t rage.  He gives us the way out.  He is the way out.  He is the Way.

By human standards, God gives too much grace.  Literally, thank God.  I wouldn’t want any human that I know to be the one who determines who or how much grace we get.  I’m glad that He makes that determination.

Do you think people are gracious or not?

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  1. April 3, 2014 at 5:53 am

    I think it depends on what the “sin” is as to how gracious a person chooses to be.

  2. April 3, 2014 at 10:11 am

    Amazing quote! I am going to Tweet that this second. Thanks for that!

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