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Seasons Come, Seasons Go

In 1913, a ship wrecked on Lake Michigan.  Why?  Because of the season they were in.  It was winter and the ship sailed in a blizzard.  Due to the conditions, the ship was lost.

That was just over one hundred years ago.  That shipwreck is still remembered today.  More than likely, especially in that area of the country, it will still be remembered one hundred years from now.


Football season is just over or will be starting back soon, depending on your point of view.  Last season is in the rearview mirror.  The coming season is too far away for those of us who love the game.

My team did something unusual this past year.  Alternative uniforms were introduced.  An official color of the university was used.  The color was last used in uniforms almost one hundred years ago..  Few people, if any, who were alive to see those games saw the new uniforms trotted out.


The Christmas season is seven to eight months away, depending on who you are.  Some of us are already planning and, perhaps, buying presents now for the coming holiday season.

Others will suddenly act as though Christmas snuck up upon them.  They will rush out into the madness of Black Friday.  Christmas will be celebrated and then, poof, it will be over.


Seasons come and seasons go.  Some we will remember.

I remember the 1998 season of the University of Tennessee.  A national championship was won and my son was born just as it kicked off.

Two years ago, I received the entire collection of A Game of Throne books.  That particular Christmas sticks out because of the awesome gift I received.

Our lives, though, are barely a season in history.   They are, as James tell us, just a vapor.  They begin and end quickly.

We won’t be remembered long.  We may be remembered for a few years by our children and grandchildren.  Within another generation or so, we will be a distant memory, known only to those who love the genealogy of their families.

The key is for us to make our lives memorable as we live them.  Live for Christ while we are here.  Glorify God by enjoying him.  Love God above all else.

Hold those who love us closely.  Love them as though they are ourselves.  Take this love to everyone we know and meet.

Seasons come.  Seasons go.  Let’s make them count.

How will you make your seasons count?

  1. April 5, 2014 at 8:47 am

    We are doing the Sacred Parenting study by Gary Thomas and he said that very same thing: we only “matter” to this and maybe the next generation. In the grand scheme of things we are very irrelevant, but yet we are extremely important to the children we are raising right now – make it count.

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