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What, Me Worry?

Worry has been a part of my life for far too long in my life.  I grew up with worry being one of the main parts of my life.  I was an anxious kid, full of anxious worries anticipating an anxious future.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to stop worrying.  Maybe it was because I was afraid of what it would eventually do to me.  Perhaps I was tired of the control it had on my life.  It could have been due to what scripture had to say about anxiety.

The problem is that it isn’t simple or easy.  If it was, no one who follows Christ would ever worry or be anxious about anything.

I’ve had conversations with people over the years about worry and anxiety.  I may have even angered a few.

I recall one conversation I had a few years ago.  Someone chastised me a bit for not worrying enough about my family.  This person believed that worry was the truest form of love that a person could express.  I jokingly wondered if they thought that Jesus got it all wrong when He said to “be anxious for nothing.”


A friend of mine from church recently felt compelled to tell us a story about a particular Saturday.  He had his entire day planned out, but nothing came to fruition the way he wanted.

He had the opportunity to discuss with some people.  He boiled it down fairly simply.  Worry is not of faith.  That which is not of faith is sin.  Worry is sin.


John Piper wrote a book a few years ago based on some sermons called Battling Unbelief.  He tackles several subjects that cause us problems that befall us and states that our falling to them is unbelief.

Let’s think about that for a second.  Anxiety and worry are really just signs that we don’t believe God’s promises.

Jesus said that the birds, the flowers are dressed beautifully,and that He cares more about us than them. What is to be our response?

In the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman, “What, me worry?”


I’m not going to insult you by saying that you won’t worry.  It will happen to you and to me.  Our reaction is what makes the difference.

We can embrace the worry and let it control and guide us through life.

Or we can take the better path.  Seek God’s kingdom.  Trust Him.  Believe Him.

Don’t worry.

Are you a worrier?  Or do you fight worry?

  1. April 18, 2014 at 6:45 am

    I learned something a while back and it just may fit in here.

    It is what it is, but it quickly becomes what you make it!

    God has blessed us, just let Him carry you through.


  2. Ricky Anderson
    April 18, 2014 at 8:15 am

    I’m not a real big worrier. I make up for this by doing it on the back end – I never forget something I’ve messed up and replay it endlessly in my head.

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