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The Two Sides Of Wow At Church

I don’t know how many church services I’ve been to in my life.  I’ve been on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday nights for much of  my life.  I’ve been to plenty of revival services where I was in church for most of the week.

Since I’m a believer and follower of Christ, church is part of life.  Once I become that new creature Paul says we become, the Church became part of my DNA.  I want to go to church.  As I write this, I am on a business trip and will not get to meet with my church family.

There is a problem, though, as I reflect on my 45 years or so in church.

There haven’t been enough WOW experiences at church.

I would love to pass the blame on.  After all, I’ve had a few too many pastors who seemed like they were passing a kidney stone as they preached on Sunday morning.  They didn’t look happy to be there.  Some of them looked like they had been eating persimmons for breakfast and were going to drink persimmon juice for lunch.  I just never bought that they were the least bit excited about following the Lord, much less being at church.  Some looked like they would rather be trout fishing or turkey hunting.

There was no WOW with them, so how was there going to be any WOW with me?

But there’s a problem here.  I can’t pass all the blame to anyone else.

I can’t control anyone else’s WOW.

The only WOW I have any control over is my own.

So, instead of blaming someone else for my lack of WOW, I have to look at myself.

Am I excited about the Lord?  Am I pumped about the relationship I have with Him?

Am I excited about the best news, the Good News, being in my life?

Am I going to church expecting to be WOWed by what the Lord is doing instead of looking to be wowed by what man is doing?

There are two sides of wow at church.  There is the wow that we think others should do for us.

Then there is the wow that only comes from Who lives within us.

Do you look for WOW at church?

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  1. April 25, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Maybe you are just bored dude. Hearing the same thing day in and day out will do that. If you want the Wow experience back maybe a personal reflection with God will do it. Or not, I don’t know what would work for you and I think it is more like a placebo anyway.

    • April 25, 2014 at 10:11 am

      AJ, that’s what I’m saying. I’m sorry that you think it’s a placebo, but I won’t argue that point with you. My point is that, upon reflection of those times in my 45 years, is that the problem does reside in me. If I’m not excited, or bored, the only thing I can control is my relationship with God and let that flow into my church life. Or, really, all areas of life. Please also understand that I am giving a panoramic view of my life. My church life over the last few years, as well as my relationship with Christ, has had many more WOWS than in previous years. My thought is that I’m not the only one who has experience this and I hope to love and encourage others to this point.

      • April 25, 2014 at 10:41 am

        Ah but I’m saying maybe the problem or the solution is what you think. Is it possible that the pastors are genuinely not excited or don’t believe themselves and feel only an obligation, (pretty common where I grew up)? If you do so, perhaps more reflection will do it for you, and maybe you could tell others that merely attending Church is not the way to express your faith but to personally reflect on your relationship in your own moments.

      • April 25, 2014 at 10:44 am

        Great points. And much of what I try to do here in this blog is that. In fact, after a lot of time spent in this, I condensed what I want to be about in three phrases: Inwardly Examining, Outwardly Expressing, and Upwardly Exalting.

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