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Free, But Costly

I read this post from Seth Godin last week.  I hope you’ll check it out before we move on.  Don’t worry.  I’ll wait on you.

Great.  Welcome back.

What struck me in that post is how it matches what it takes following Christ.

Let’s take a look at what it looked like in the Bible.

Jesus began preaching the kingdom of God and repentance.  He healed people.  He brought some back to life.  Everything was going great.  Many knew that He was the Messiah.

Then He began talking about dying to self.  Picking up your cross and following Him.  Hating your father, mother, brothers and sister, even your own life.

He began talking about drinking His blood and eating His flesh.  Few were getting it.

A rich man came to him and asked him what it took to get into the kingdom.  Jesus quizzed him about the commandments.  He gave the right answers.  What was next?  Go sell everything you got and let’s get to it.  Follow me.

The fellow went away sad.

What’s the point?

The point is that so many of us, and by us I mean me, want the easy way out.  We want to follow Jesus as long as it’s nice and tidy, wrapped up with a bow.

We want our nice, easy church service where we go see our friends and sing our fun songs about Jesus, then go out to eat or over to Grandma’s house for Sunday lunch.

We want our faith to be like those free samples we get at Sam’s Club or Costco.  We want just a taste, enough to just make us feel good, but we don’t want to commit to the entire product.  We don’t want to buy the whole thing.

What Jesus is free, but costly.  It cost Him His life.  All it takes for us is to give up everything for Him.

Abraham did that.  He had a son of promise who he had waited decades for.  God told him to take him up on a mountain and sacrifice Isaac.  Abraham did and then God stopped him.  Abraham was willing to give up everything for God.

A man at my church just quit a $70,000 per year job.  He’s selling his house.  Why?  To follow the Lord.  He doesn’t know what that means yet.  But he’s happier than almost anyone in our church.

Truly following Christ isn’t a walk in the park.  It’s free, but costly.  But that’s what he demands of us.  Everything.  All of us.

What have you given up for Christ in your life?

  1. April 28, 2014 at 8:42 am

    I totally agree about the free and costly aspect. in all honesty, I have never really thought about it in terms of what have I given up to follow? I’ve never known I high paying job to give up. I’ve never known a talent outside what I do which is marketable. I enjoy doing what I am doing.

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